A story… the walls… happy Valentine’s day

Επιμέλεια Eva Petropoulou Lianou Author children literary Poet Greece

The Walls

Once upon a time there was a girl called Love. She was so kind and generous and very curious about the world outside of the Walls.

Love, was staying in a beautiful city but her parents was very affraid because she was so sensitive and small, so they keep her inside the Walls.

Love, she has a beautiful room with so many toys and books and she had a teacher that she visited her 4 days per week to do their homework. It was very interested onthe outside world and she often asked questions to the teacher:

What exist behind the Walls?

The teacher never responded clearly.she was always say things with no sense.

The sky is blue. The trees are green.There are big houses and red flowers.

One night, Love was trying to sleep and then a strange insect come to her room.

Zzzzzzz Zzzzzz

Are you a mosquito?

She asked the insect…

Noo, I am a libelule. I am the savage libelule but the wind make me loose my path. i lost my sisters. my sisters love me

They will come back for me.

Are you coming outside of the Walls??

Please tell me,what exist out there..

Love, asked the little insect.

Have you ever see the night without stars?

Noo, responded the little girl

Have you ever see a bird without wings??

Noo, responded the little girl

So, that is behind the Walls.

Sadness and fear.

No place to stay and play.

Because the Love walk away since several years ago!!

But i don’t understand…

I am Love and i never walk away…

In fact i never had the chance to get out of those Walls!!!

She responded in a very serious way.

Then, if you are The Love.

I must educate you .

I have no time , my sisters will come soon for me. We are happy only when we’re all together.

If you are The Love, You must be free.

You must overcome those Walls.

You must go deep and receive before you take. But you must always give freely.

Each time you give love, a libelule is born.

We need so many libelules to keep this world, in harmony, full of light and full of hope.

If you are the Love, no Matter what,you will stay in the heart of Humans and animals. You Will try every day and night.

Because only Love can bring happiness to faces of human, only love can bring back the light to the stars… only Love can bring the wings to the birds.

If you are the Love, only You , You can destroy those Walls!!!!!

The Love is a huge energy, full of light and compassion.

Nobody can stop her, if she make wishes.

If you’re the true Love, this world will be in peace, happy, and healthy again.

©Eva Petropoulou Lianoy 

©Eva Lianou Petropoulou – All rights reserved to author