Poems by Faiyaj Islam Fahim

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Faiyaj Islam Fahim is called “Love Poet” by the people of Poet Society. Because, all his poems are full of love! He had a love relationship with Alekjan, the daughter of Bergobind village of Chaugacha Upazila of Jessore District, Khulna Bangladesh. The poet loved her so much that he gave her poetry every day, but unfortunately The poet could not accept him.
Why was the poet lover two years short, social gap, moreover, the poet did not have a job and will have a job or why? The poet was never in favor of employment, the poet wanted to be independent.
Grieving the loss of her loved one, he founded the International Love Organization, although its operations in 25 countries were closed due to covid-19 and lack of patronage.
He dropped out of her studies during the 2nd year of BA hornas (Bangla) because he had a mental breakdown after breaking up with Alexan, people say she went mad.
After three years later he fell in love with Sundarganj girl Hawa but in no way she could be his heart. Currently he is the director of Valentine’s Computers and Electronics and is studying BA Ornas in Bangladesh Open University.
He writes in various blogs, newspapers, magazines and online magazines. The poet is currently 27 years old and has written about two and a half thousand poems. Many poets say that the writing style of his poetry is different from other poets and his poetry is innovative.
He is the most popular blogger in Bangladesh. He has billions of readers on his blog.

Red lips – Faiyaj Islam Fahim

Your red lips are so hot

The touch of red lips will extinguish the fire in my body!

Your red lips are

Calling you to go?

Shall I go to you?

Will you give a warm kiss of red lips,

I am suffering a lot

The warm touch of your lips

I want to bloom the lotus of love.

Your red lips are terrible

Body heat created,

O Pari, your red lips are giving great pain

Want to touch your red lips a little love?

I will fight for democracy – Faiyaj Islam Fahim

I will fight for democracy

die for democracy

Dictatorship must be overthrown

Otherwise democracy will go to hell.

I saw everyone being righteous – FaiyaJ Islam Fahim

I saw everyone being righteous

I didn’t see anyone being human.

Heaven can be found if you are righteous

Heaven is guaranteed if you are a Jihadi.

There is a struggle to make your religion the best

Sometimes Hindu-Muslim fight

Sometimes the Jewish-Muslim struggle

People are dying and someone is saying Alhamdulillah

Some are happy, some are sitting in heaven.

In this righteous country, there is corruption in the country

Where does this adulterated product come from?

Someone is a millionaire by doing religion business

Someone is harming people with religion.

Can’t find people where people are.

Nowadays religion wins if people are killed

That will kill as many people as possible

The spread of that religion or not.

Don’t look for good and bad with the glasses of religion

Religion only increases conflict and conflict.

Let’s play physical games – FaiyaJ Islam Fahim

Let’s play physical games

Let the two chests be one

Let’s have fun

a thousand days

come play

physical play,

Floating in the ocean of youth

A raft of colors.

come play physical play,

finish You are all my passion.

Women  heaven – FaiyaJ Islam Fahim

There are no women in heaven

That heaven is worse than hell,

There are women in hell

That hell is more pleasant than heaven.

Translation in English language by poet itself