Poems by Dr. Perwaiz Shaharyar

Dr. Perwaiz Shaharyar – Editor, NCERT, New Delhi, India – Email: [email protected]

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού


Time and space don’t make any difference
Except, these reflect on your face
If we are sincere in our endeavors
God answers all our prayers
Love never loses its charm
If our intention is not to harm
Greedy people face difficulty
Innocents never feel any guilty
Must remember to do justice
Keep helping needy in your practice
If we wish to be loved by the Creator
We must love His big or small creature
Charity begins at home
God accepts it as a loan
Speed is the essence of life’s journey
Don’t spoil life by running only after money
I am not a Saint, don’t listen to me
Do whatever you crave for love or money
God has given you super wisdom
Break the chains of evils to gain the freedom


This is the poem of the time
Written on the wall of human body
Time spares none to carry the five elements all in one
Time works against the nerves of the human brain
Just like friction works against the speed of a train
We have come from the dust
We have to go to the dust
Time is infidel, like a young beloved
We never can trust
Time always shows us mirror
But we become able to see it
When we lost all of our vigor
The mirror looks beautiful in our youth
It becomes futile when we got old-age
Human life is such a fragile and disgusting
Even a particle of sand,
Lying in the desert is more powerful than us
If you want to overcome on time,
Says sand’s particle to us
Be provident and, don’t get nervous


A fair-weather friend
Never turns up to help you
Whenever you are in need
Only one or two will come to you
Whom you may say
I love you my dear because
You are my friends indeed

You cannot choose a sibling
Siblings are your kith and kin
However, you can choose a friend
Who will come forward to defend
Whenever you intensively crave
He will follow you all the way
From cradle to grave
Whenever you will fall into anxiety
He will make you feel brave

A true friend will never cheat
A true friend will never leave you alone
He will appear to hug you
Whenever you will face defeat

Mini Bio-Data: Dr. Perwaiz Shaharyar is an Editor at the National Council of Educational Research and Training, Ministry of Education, Government of India. He is a multilingual poet, story writer, and critic. He has bagged many awards and accolades from states and national academies. He has 200 published articles and research/seminar papers in his credit. He has a total of 20 published books of various genres in his credential. His two dozen poems have been translated by many award-winning poets in Polish, Indonesian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, and Albanian languages.