Poems by Dr Jernail S Aanand

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

SHOE-STRINGS – Dr Jernail S Aanand

In the beginning
It was not so.
Gods blessed men in one go.

For a moment
There was ecstasy
And then, who looked up for Mercy?

Men thought
Who is God?
It was their right whatever they got.

It was not easy
Caring for the boons kept them busy

Gods too realised
The benefits rationing beings
And started keeping men on shoe-strings.

What a pity!
It keeps us looking  up
In want and scarcity.

©®Dr Jernail S Aanand


Mankind is fine but how strange!
We are fast losing this tag.

I am thinking of a higher value,
To be in love with GODKIND

Loving  Nature
In all its denominations and manifestations.

Human nature needs reorientation
Towards its Essence

The Essential Wisdom
Intelligence ranks far lower.

The Eternal Fork is
Do we want to be Good or just Exist?

One Road has to be abandoned.
We cannot walk on both.

The last will of even the worst of men is
To be remembered as a GOOD fellow.

©®Dr Jernail S Aanand

WORRIED – Jernail S Aanand

A difficult journey
From both of us
Is no less arduous.

I uprooted the weeds
And what was left behind
Was a clean harvest
Of flowers and fragrances

It is my birth day
I am born to life
On this day,
All that was dark
Is dead.

Gods in utter helplessness
Look below at the falling
And failing humanity
Afflicted by its
Ambitious passions.

What worries them
Is the loss of peace
And happiness
From this Godly empire
Where the nameplate reads: Lustus

I feel after all God
Created them all with his fire
And they have inherited
His glow.
Yet why it doth not show??

And how
These people relish
Their own blood
When it oozes from the bone
The dogs keep  sucking

Oh this maddening race
Of crime, sin and disgrace
Morality ethics
All have lost their face.

©®Dr Jernail S Aanand