Poems by Anwar Rahim

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Bio: Anwar Rahim

Born in February 1951, hails from Gilgit Baltistan- Pakistan.

A University Graduate in Economics and Political Science, served also as group testing officer in, “Interservices Selection Board” for selecting candidates for Armed Forces Training Academies, for Army, Navy and Air Force. A veteran turned poet in 2016, found my birth muse and vibes by narrating my inner self through poetry. 

The poetic journey is short but I feel poetry has taught me much more than I could have learnt in any education institution.

My literary performance fetched me, global awards from Gujarat Sahitya Academy – India in 2020, 2021and 2022. 

National Poet of Bangladesh Kazi Nazar ul Islam birth Anniversary award 2022.

Order of Mahatma award by Lasosans Lar San Frontier an International Art Society recognised by government of Seychelles.

Order of Shakespeare medal 2021 by Motivational Strips, world most active literary forum.

Participated in virtual V Eurasian Literary Festival- 2021 at Istanbul, Turkey, UHE  Festival International 2022 in Portugal and virtual Festival Paper Fiber in Greece.

In year 2022 received Culture and Free Press and Media award from

“Sherine Abu Akel” from Syria and “Rabindranath Tagore” Award 2022  jointly from Motivational Strips and Department of Culture government of Seychelles.

From Republic of Colombia award for Poetry Peace and Culture with numerous awards received from other international poetry groups.

My poems have featured in Anthologies, “Pakistani English Poets” and “Bouquet of Triple colours” of poets of Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. Anthology by Prodigy Publishers USA. My poems in Anthology of SAARC countries is under process of publication 

My poems featured in NBM Bangla TV Bangladesh and in Daily Bani Asia – Bangladesh.

My passion in poetry is to pursue genres, in Romance, Humanitarian issues, Environmental friendly concerns and Children rhymes.

Rainy Day

Rain rain come again

Where are the clouds

My search for them in vain

Instantly gusty winds starts blowing

Dark clouds appearing with wind, light drizzle from sky begin

Flash of lightening with a deafening thunder

Rain starts pouring down like cats and dogs with no restrain

Birds take refuge on the trees, humans under umbrella and rooves 

All around water gushing just like as in drains

Lovers out in rain in blissful moments, hugging each other heartily in romantic mood

Some are strolling some enjoying their delicious food

Atmosphere changes abruptly in no time

With a joyful rainy environment all around

©® Anwar Rahim

Fragrance Of Spring

Flowers blooming sweet fragrance filled in air

Colourful flowers dancing with breeze

Greenery visible till far and far end

Butterflies fluttering around flowers with joy 

Honey bees happy sucking nectar from flowers

Birds chirping on blossoms covered trees 

My heart and soul lost in beauty of nature

Remembering my love with passing moments

Charm of the Spring should not go waste 

Waiting for my love in these romantic days

Birds waiting in their nests from dusk to see lovely dawn

To see orange Sun peeping from the East

Nights look so romantic

Silvery moon shines in the sky

Stars are shying behind moonlit night

Fireflies flying seems stars have come on earth

Nature’s beauty visible both in day and night

We see only when Spring arrives

©® Anwar Rahim

From Imagination To Reality

You are unaware of sorrows in my heart

You do not look towards me

Why are you so proud of your beauty

Looking in the mirror than to me

I admire your beauty more than a mirror 

I praise your beauty in my poetic verses

With a sweet love song

I can tuck a flower in your hair

Present you a bouquet of fragrant flowers

With a passionate kiss and a loving hug

Ecstatic emotions takes us both 

From world of imaginations to reality

Where we live in bliss for ever after journey to eternity

In the gardens of paradise

Along the shining streams

In loving company of eachother

©® Anwar Rahim