Poem by Danijela Ćuk

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού


I met a woman,
her smile and every tear of hers,
her soul and heart wound,
and all her struggles and when the heaviest rains fall.

I met the ball of pain of her life,
but she doesn’t let him wrap them in her,
I see all the pain in her eyes,
but she is still full of life there.

I became friends with her secrets that she hides,
most of them are painful but she didn’t give up,
she carries them in her heart, keeps them away from the eyes of the world,
and despite the suffering, her heart flourishes with life.

I admire her, you know, because not everyone can do it,
to be smiling while the soul is suffering is not easy,
but that beautiful woman does not want others to see her suffering,
she does not want to be seen sad and wounded.

She is full of strength and love for others,
although she carries a huge burden of pain and sorrow on her back,
but she is here, don’t feel sorry for herself because she knows very well,
that her darkness is not the worst.

I met a woman,
her smiles, tears and secrets all,
but she proudly wears the crown of life
and wins because such a woman does not give up!

(Dedicated to the women who are recognized in the song)

Danijela Ćuk