Poem by Fali Ndreka

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού


Author: Fali Ndreka
Italy: February, 2024

The word is poison.
The word is bile.
In words, the true man, the soul
and a broken heart…

The word is a weapon.
The word is misleading.
Too bad for them
What poisonous words they have.

But the word is peace,
The word is also war…
The word is a wide field,
and narrow alley.

The word is heavy
and not just words.
As the world leaves,
without measure without karar.

He threw it away without harm.
Come out, come out.
Touch, whom to touch,
Burn, who to burn,

For lek or interest.
in other words, don’t be careful!
The word mends things,
The word spoils everything,
The word governs,
The word has power.

But the word was first,
Right keep us alive,
Plant this as a seed
people from every side

Professor, poet Fali Ndreka
Born in Albania (Laurato)
Attended the seminar: Theology-philosophy.
Lives in Italy.
Poet, publicist, ambassador of peace in several countries of the world.
Winner of several first prizes in poetry.
1. He wrote a book with philosophical sentences.
2. Author of over 100 poems
3. Director of “Albanopuli” magazine
4. The author of several articles in org. of the Albanian press.Inviato da iPhone