Margarita Dimitrova “Be true to yourself: you can and God supports you!”

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Please share your thoughts about the future of literature. When u start writing? Literature is the product of the “I-ah”, which addresses its epistle to the common “We”. If these epistles are positive, we are positively charged, the Earth is positively charged, and the Cosmos is also charged. At a certain stage of his development, a person makes new insights about life, and seeks a different quiet harbor like literature to talk with himself, to touch the thinnest strings of his sensitive Soul. And when these chords bring light, they twinkle with that light for the whole World. With its epistle, literature connects people and is a gift from God to bring holiness and a good life. I wrote my first poems in my childhood. I have posted my prose and poetry since the age of 30.

The Good and the Bad. Who is winning in nowadays? The process of identifying the value model of a community is important for the spiritual image of a population. Cultural memory gives us lessons that we must unravel and discover what is valuable. Good is precious. Today we must find the right ways to preserve the Good in all actions and in everything we create. In the age of technology and the internet, with God’s providence in our minds and hearts, we must support our children to discern Good from Bad. Literature is a way of support if it brings good Divine epistle and light. And then, as God’s children, we give Good a good chance to overcome Evil.


White light


and enlightenment.

White light



and unity.

Give it to the world

your Spirit

and enlightenment!

How many books have you written? And where can we find your books? I’m the author of 1 poetry book “Light for the eyes and the Soul” (2022); lyrics and essays “Touch the Milky Way with a smile and hope” (2018), essays “The word – life from the source” (2022); lyrics in Bulgarian and world anthologies. Some of the world anthologies can be purchased in the electronic bookstore:;; Voices of Africa: A Call for Freedom; //.

I am the author of monographs on cultural memory: “Banite – way of life, traditions and longevity” (2005), “Book about Kula and my villages…” (2013), “Life and folk psychology of the population of Kula and several villages…” (2020), “Banite – our past is part of us” (2021). The scientific monographs on religious syncretism and cultural memory and on the methodology of teaching Bulgarian language and literature are related to the topic of my dissertation and to my work as an ethnologist and as a teacher of Bulgarian language and literature. My participation in scientific and public forums has resulted in the publication of articles in various national and international journals.

The book. E-book or Hardcover book? What will be the future? I use a wise thought from the ages that “what is written remains” because it carries epistle for generations to come. It was written on stone, parchment, paper. Now there are hardcover books and e-books. The future can also give new forms. But what is written about the Divine Good and the Divine Light in life will be preserved.

A wish for 2023. A phrase from your book. TOUCH THE MILKY WAY WITH A SMILE AND HOPE!

BioMargarita Vanyova Dimitrova was born in the town of Kula, Vidin region, Bulgaria in a family of teachers. She married in the village of Banite, Smolyan region. At the moment her life is connected with the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

She is a teacher of Bulgarian as a foreign language at the Medical University – Plovdiv. She is the Chairman of the Management Board of the “Future for our Children” association, which organizes volunteer activities with children and youth for education, culture, sports, health, and ecology.

Engaged in scientific, educational, social, and church activities; activities in the field of arts.