Alam Mahbub: Fire, The catastrophe of the nature

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

The poet Alam Mahbub took birth in 31 October in 1962 at the deputy bari, Latur Poyar, upozella Gouripur, district of Mymensingh.Father Abdul Khaleque was an eminent high school teacher of Ishwarganj Girls High School and mother Amena Khatun was a government  employee.Both of them are late.
He earned the higher education Honours and Masters in Bengali language and literature in Mymensingh Ananda Mohan College. Now he is in a profession as a worker in a private business farm.

His published books are
1. Jao Preme Jao Biplobe (February 1990)
2. Ghar Dake Rajpath Dake (February 2018)
3. Amar Behala Jane (Ekushey Book Fair 2019)
4. Daki Jadi Shara Dio (February 21, 2022)
5. Ek Je Chilo Sonar Konnya (Novel — February 2017)
Occasionally he writes and translates poetry into English.

Burning The Country by Alam Mahbub

A barbaric fire is burning the country
Green leaves are burning in flames,
And the nest of timid birds.

Fire swallows dreams
People are running away from love
The fire is not listening to the beeping
And the voice of humanity.

The homeland is now red with fire
The fire is burning inside and out
The wind has returned to the waves of the river
Just a sigh in the burning fire of the mind.

What a blind fire
It doesn’t understand
The love between men and forests.

The Fire by Alam Mahbub

In fires the birds fell down with broken wings
Pains are in the chest of trees, the sky is sad
And the moon is also silent.
The river sets the tone with the wind
But there’s no need colors in songs.
Clouds call and leaves fall
But the fire burn only the prides.
There’s the fire is on the streets
So the flowers do not bloom in the window
None knows all the lovely yellow faces
Where it goes
I just sit there with the chips on the ad page
And find out that fire has no classroom at all
Morning has fled away in flames
Just in the mirror fire sounds
And a broken nest is in a fallen feather also.

Protect Nature by Alam Mahbub

Humans have deforested
Killed animals, birds and insects
So the nature is angry today
Death by fire and great disaster.
Fire is never an enemy
Sometimes fire destroys beauty.
It is nature’s revenge only
Loving the nature and live quietly.

My address: Alam Mahbub
Mrs Ishwarganj Feeling Station
Ishwarganj, Mymensingha – 2280
Bangladesh. Cellphone 8801616 60 32 62.