Maid Corbic: “Ποιήματα από τη Βοσνία Ερζεγοβίνη”

Ένας δρόμος γεμάτος ποίηση. Ένας κόσμος χαρούμενος εάν ήταν γεμάτος από τραγούδια

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετρόπουλου-Λιανού ποιήτρια-συγγραφέας

Maid Corbic from Tuzla, 22 years old. In his spare time he writes poetry that repeatedly praised as well as rewarded. He also selflessly helps others around him, and he is moderator of the World Literature Forum WLFPH (World Literature Forum Peace and Humanity) for humanity and peace in the world in Bhutan. He is also the editor of the First Virtual Art portal led by Dijana Uherek Stevanovic. Many works have also been published in anthologies and journals (Chile, Spain, Ecuador, Bosnia and Herzegovina, San Salvador, United Kingdom, Indonesia).


What are people doing to us
Let’s not see any world anymore
Because everything was beautiful
Today it is becoming black and set

All that was left in the people was a search
And where can we all run today
Because we do not have our existence
And we still have old memories

We are not even aware of it today
Yes the meaning of life is hope
And all our deeds and words
They just pretend to be unsuccessful
In colprit thread

On the trail of existence and our dashes
We found nothing more in ourselves
Except to make us cry
When our love fades
With time of existence

Because everything that is beautiful lasts for a short time
Love builds all our memories
It’s only a matter of time before this
When we will continue to understand
That love must always
To defeat all evil

Not everything is as black as we are told
Love is the meaning of our lives
We just don’t take it lightly
Because having yourself today is a good thing
And to ignore others is great

And how life can be sustainable
When the most beautiful side of the world is right there
The meaning of life is to love everything around you
Not that we hide love with hatred
Because time is money today
And feelings are an object


I just want peace in the cabinet
less war means better freedom
gsje each of us so am I.
I don’t like to see bullets on the ground
jet people do not know about peace

goodness is disturbed and people smwta everything
so how do I get on with my life
when all my memories hurt
which I built in that city
where I am eternally born

though now he no longer looks old
i believe there must be goodness somewhere
to punish the villains who make war
but that peace may finally be in hatred
where it is most needed

may peace continue to unite people forever
a world without war is better freedom
and hnam that it used to be a hard rinel
but faith and hope give me only motive
to investigate in my hundredfold desires

to continue to build a world of goodness
it is more necessary to me now than ever
freedom is better when we all unite
and the meaning of life then becomes clear
for it is wonderful when peace is justified!


We are people who just pass through the world
we have all the beliefs and hopes
that not all black remained still here
where we are now and where we are leaving the world
we are still brightly colored

Fates take us to new stories
we will somehow manage for the rivers of love
to flow through the words of writing and survive
in every book block and textbook
for hatred must not be shared

Let’s give others everything we can and have
let us not be stingy people if they are others
a smile is sometimes better than many words
a smile will still adorn all of us persons
whom we trust with all our being and soul

The heart always remembers all the anomalies of the world
so let us act proactively and freely
the scent of love can be felt miles away
and comes to every continent and state

If people don’t understand what we’re saying
then they have no chance of being humanists
for goodness must be given unselfishly
and that in return nothing is expected
because that is what such a life has really become today

Let’s protect the children who will suffer today
and give them shelter and a good life
because kids don’t want to be very sad after all
because today is the day of love that will show itself
and all people will know how to act today

If we leave things for tomorrow
we know that there is nothing to it
because the world is not waiting for tomorrow
for yet it may in the end be fatal to life
we have to give what we dream, soul and emotion

Blocks of emotions will continue to line up evenly
people will learn how to treat the poor
and let the rivers of love in the new era flow
for thus the world will be right and equal
in terms of all rights and principles!