Jeffrey Levett: “Poetry has the power to pull humanity back from the brink. Keep writing! Keep reading!”

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Bio: Jeffrey Levett received the International Gusi Peace Prize in 2019, a prize known as Asia’s foremost award. It is referred to as the Nobel peace prize of the East and with it came the Key to the City of Manila. The Prize carries no monetary reward. It is conferred with the expectation that a recipient will continue working for peace. Jeffrey Levett received the award for services to global public health, dissemination of Hellenic thought and the principles of classical philosophy and he is now an International Gusi Peace Laureate.

Please share your thoughts about the future of literature. The future of literature is at stake! Humanity blindly stands on the threshold of Armageddon.  With one wrong move, one of man’s highest level creations, literature can be lost as a result of crippled political and socioeconomic leadership driven by lower centers of the brain. No bedtime stories, no thrillers….no church clock at ten to three

The Good and the Bad. In literature there is no good or bad, right or wrong there is just the writer and a pen, some with more ink than others, less need for sleep than others, more expressive than others. Writing can be a lonely activity.

When did you start writing? Along time ago! I was still in school primary school, letter writing to girls, patriotic poems The Motherland, romantic poems the Babbling Brook perhaps inspired by the Trout.

How many books have you written. And where can we find your books? Maybe the question should be how many books have you written like Tolstoy, how many poems like Cafavy? Obviously none, but hope springs eternal. Instead of this being an impediment it should be an incentive to write. You can find many of my articles which include poems describing disasters. See

The book. E book or Hardcover book, what will be the future? No one knows the future. We can only extrapolate and if it arrives its estimation may be wrong. So it is better to travel hopefully than to arrive. Books have been banned, books have been burned, books have provided wealth to the world and money in the pocket of the writer, books have got the writer into big trouble from Lady Chat’s lover to Satanic verses, books have become films. They have a life and future beyond the writer; the moving finger writes… Should the world survive, books will survive, hard and soft, electronic or magnetic.

A wish for 2023, A phrase from my last article. In a world of much gloom and doom where Peace is absent and the application of Philosophy is urgently needed, illumination can emanate from a small poem. Poetry has the power to pull humanity back from the brink. Keep writing! Keep reading!