An Interview with KALIPADA GHOSH, poet and critic from India

“As a poet I would like to write poems for the welfare and peace of the humanity, write poems and articles on environment for better human habitation and poems on Peace against War, convene seminars on pece and progress of the nation and humanity.”

Do you remember writing your first words of Poetry? When was it? Yes, I remember when I was 13 and a student of class Seven, I was deeply attracted with Nature and natural phenomena- tall trees, leaves and flowers, their beauty and fragrance, birds and beasts, the melody of the Cuckoo the vast meadows and corn fields bumper crops, mother, father, uncle and aunt and their love and sweet relationship, green village and simple villagers, their life and life-styles, the golden paddy fields for harvesting, the river and blue sky , the religious festivals like village fair of BhimPuja and Durga Puja festivals  – all are the sweet reminiscence. These are the actual assets and memories of my life.

Did you have any early influences/ inspirations? Yes, I remember the early influences and inspiration from Nature. The cuckoo’s song and the sights and sounds of Nature did influence my heart, soul and mind. The morning Sunshine and Sunset hues and the beauties of Nature captured my soul. The peasant life and culture is still vivid in my mind and vein. I was profoundly inspired and influenced by the Nature and the wise men in my village.

What / who started you writing poetry? The natural beauty and objects did prevail and permeate in my mind and a deep and profound impact upon my mind. At the outset, as Bengali is my mother language, I was deeply inspired by my Bengali language teacher and wrote insignificant Bengali rhymes and short poems and recited. Next, I was deeply influenced by the children poetry of World poet and first Asian Nobel laureate Kobiguru Rabindranath Tagore ,an enigma in world literature. His writings did influence me most.

Does your background/ heritage influence your writing? Please explain. I was born of middle class family with minimal income. I read the Poems of the great poets and children poets of our country. The children poetry of Kobiguru Rabindranath, Madan mohan Tarkalankar, Kazi Nazrul Islam influenced and ignited my poetic passion. The poems had a deep and permanent impact upon my mind and soul and I was deeply inspired by the poets in Bengali language and literature. I began writing short poems in Bengali, my sweet mother tongue and afterwards I tried my poetry writing in English in High School. I confess that I have no heritage influence.

What subjects mostly inspires you to write? Why? At the outset, I tried writing poems in Bengali language, my dearest mother tongue. Then in the upper classes and College level, I was deeply influenced by the English Romantic poets and the sonnets of Shakespeare. I was an Hons. student in English language and literature. I was attracted and attached to the poetry of Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Shelley and Keats and the Shakespeare and Marlow, the world famous dramatists. I tried writing English poems and creative literary criticism in English language. I feel free writing both in English and Bengali language. I am a bilingual poet and critic also. I am at home in both subjects and languages, Bengali and English both.

Do you remember your first ever published work? Where, what was it? When? Tell me how you felt seeing your words in print. Yes I remember. At first my collections of poems was not printed and the writings and manuscripts were damaged due to the devastating flood. Then I was appointed as an English Teacher in High school and later I was appointed as the Headmaster of H.S. School. My first published work was the collection of poems entitled MATIR KACHHAKACHHI a Bengali Book of Poems simultaneously a Collection of English poetical work with literary Criticism in English in 2010 entitled MISCELLANY: Poetry and Literary Criticism.These two works were published in District town Midnapore, West Bengal, India.I felt elated and greatly amazed at the word of my soul in print. The waves of my heart and the whispers and rhythm of my Soul sublime are exquisitely printed in golden words of my effusions and outbursts of my Soul for the reading public and had a loud applause. I had an ecstatic and aesthetic joy and happiness in my mind and soul inexpressible. I remember those experiences. 

What Publication are you most proud to have your work published in, why? I am proud of getting my poetical works published in PATHAK Kolkata and EVINCE PUBLISHING, India. The Editorial Board had got my works Criticized by distinguished scholars and Critics and had a wide circulation and Book launching inauguration. This is why I am proud of the publications most.

Do you have a favourite genre of Poetry?Why ? Tell me more about it. Philosophical, and metaphysical genre are my favourite genre of Poetry. Poetry is the outbursts of the poet’s Soul. Poetry is the ennobling thoughts and sentiments of the poet’s heart and soul.

What are your future plans as a writer / poet? As a poet I would like to write poems for the welfare and peace of the humanity, write poems and articles on environment for better human habitation and poems on Peace against War, convene seminars on pece and progress of the nation and humanity.

What projects are you working on and why? We are organizing Book fair for general mass and recitation program for school children and organize Poets’ Meet in every month for recitation of the multilingual poetry and write Critical reviews on the poems which are recited by the poets and by organising webinar and poetry festivals for promoting world poetry and literature. My mission and vision is to take initiative and endeavour and infuse interest in promoting world poetry and literature as well. I also deliver lectures on Poetry and literary Criticism, literature and society, art and beauty in literature and poetry.

A phrase that you like and inspired you. Poets are the lovers of Beauty and Truth, Nature and Cosmos. I would like to enjoy the cosmic beauty and “cosmic Consciousness”, harmony, vibration and silence, music and symphony pervading and permeating Cosmos. Poetic Beauty and Poetic Truth & Imagination and Reality Hate war and Hug Peace, well-being for the sake of humanity are main aims and objectives and phrases that inspired me much for four decades and more for writing poetry. I am associated with many World Poetry festivals across the globe to enjoy myself and for promoting world Poetry and literature. I am an author of 9 Books of Poems in English and Bengali language with literary Criticism to my credit.


Kalipada Ghosh M.A (English), M.A. (Bengali), M.Phil (1st Class), B.Ed. ( Retd. Headmaster), a bi-lingual poet, International Critic, essayist translator, humanist, orator and educationist has authored 9 (nine) Books of Poems in English and Bengali including two in the press, THE WAVES OF HEART and WHISPERS OF MY SOUL. The main theme of his Poetry is based on Nature, Man, love, world peace, anti-war, humanity and social issues. His poetry is metaphysical philosophical, romantic as well as realistic. He is the advocate of human rights humanity and Woman Empowerment. He is also a surrealist poet.
He has written poems in national and international Anthologies of repute. He is awarded with many national and international awards like ORDER OF SHAKESPEARE MEDAL, KAIRAT DUISSENOV MEDAL for Poetic Excellence from Motivational Strips, World Icon of Literature, Guardian Of World Literature Award Noble Peace Personality Award Certificate of Honor awarded by Motivational Strips with Gujrat Sahitya Academy on the occasion of 75 th Independence of India. Anniversary Michael Madhusudan Award, Bibhutibhusan Memorial Award Muse-2020 Award, Heritage Head Of The HaVen International and many International Awards. He has been awarded the the Certificate of the World Directory of Literature, History, Art & Culture for his recognised merits in the literary and Cultural fields and many other international Platforms and Poetry Group. He has been awarded Distincion International Medalla Patrimonio De La Humanidad by La Institucion Cultural Casa Poetics Magia y Plumas A.and awarded with Certificate of Honor by Revista Poetica y Artes for poetic excellence. He is associated with Ruku L Jubavi &Prijateljstva and La Alfombra De La Cultura and Poetry and Literature World Vision Group.
His poetry is translated into Hindi, Russian Swedish,Bosnian ,Croatian Italian Spanish Albanian, French, Kyrgyzse Swedish and many other dozen international languages. He is on the administration and acting as creative critical reviewer, Jury, Admin, Moderator and coordinator in different International Literary Groups. His poems have been globally recognized and published in the esteemed national and international anthologies and literary magazines and journals like BHARATH VISION, AZAHAR REVISTA POETICA,  SIPAY INTERNATIONAL LITERARY JOURNAL, Seychelles, Buzz Magazine Silk Road Anthology, Cairo, Egypt and many others in home and abroad. His poetry is being recited in many international TV Channels for programs recitations and through many live videos and interviews .He delivers speeches on Poetry and literature in home and abroad. He has participated and delivered lectures on poetry and literature in many international Poetry festival in the Kalipada Ghosh is a contemporary cosmic, Spiritual and metaphysical poet and a poet of Man and Humanity and social issues. His literary Criticism has been acclaimed and admired across the globe and he delivers lectures on poetry, literature and education.
He has been selected as the Contemporary featured poet by the POETRY AND LITERATURE WORLD VISION.


Man is the best creation of GodHe has ennobling and nobler thoughts, sentiments and sensibilities Respect, love, Kindness, empathy, forgiven are divinely human attributes.
Respect to parents, superiors, teachers and woman hood is obligatory. A man without a sense of respect is arrogant. The light of love and respect be awakened. It is a spontaneous overflowing and ennobling sensibility. Our posterity be imparted with value and moral education. We are to uplift moral, ethical, social education.
Value and moral education ‘ll recuperate the mental health. Respect and love is the source of peace. Love, respect and sympathy be cultivated from childhood. Love respect, peace and empathy will lead the humanity.
Copy rights reserved@ Kalipada Ghosh, WB, India.

LOVE AND PASSION – Kalipada Ghosh
Love is eternal, serene like the moon beam Heavenly, sweet and soothing and healingIt comes from within the soul. A scintillating light.
Love is light and enlightenment Dispelling darkness Enkindling other heart and soul. Always radiating.
Passion is the turbulent ocean surges like violent waves Like the storm with thunderand lightning.
Love is serene, delicateand healing touch A divine light The star-dusts falling from heaven.
When two souls minglingInto a harmonious entityand an identity representedfor the complete surrender.
Love for souls, love for humanity and love for Naturemake a man soul divinealways serving the mankind.
Love fulfils in detachmentnot in attachment.
Love is godlinessLove is divine and etherealLove is worshipAnd love is Truth.
All rights reserved@Kalipada Ghosh, WB, India. 15.10.2021.

I have been hereWhere you and me strolled day after day, toddlingby the lake so translucentwhere wild ducks and drakesfloating in glee with loveSplashing water on the silken feathers. The red and white lilies blooming like starsand gentle breeze blowingand melodious chirping of birds.
Haply fifty years backWhere are you! I know notPerhaps a bright starglittering and twinkling in the spacesmiling with tears.
I remember only your rosy faceand tender lips and teeth as pomegranatecurly hair and rosy frock and winsome smile.
Our past is a sweet nostalgia. A fond reminiscence Fifty summers-a long journey A tedious journey indeed!
Time’s Mockery Puny mortals we are, proactiveas directed…But life’s pleasures shut upshut up in the blurry mist. Often I see your vision in reverieand dream.
Aurora, Dawn appears with smiling face A heavenly light diffusing brilliance and lustreI have been here again The Sun sinking slowly melancholy and in pensive mood.
Tears roll down on my cheeks Red and white lilies, a Sea-gull flying overand stare at the translucent waterrippling with the Sunset hues.
Copyright reserved@ KALIPADA GHOSH WB, INDIA.

LOVE AND LIGHT – Kalipada Ghosh.
Love is an emotional attachmentThough mundane A noble and lofty sentiment.
Love is eternal and dignified Elevated and soothing Like morning Sunshineand pearl like dewdrops in late Autumn.
Love is light and enlightenmentLove unites the two soulsA celestial light, a fragrance ,an and aroma Guiding the path forward.
Love completes life Soaring to the heavenBuilding its nest in soulsSowing seeds of Peace in humanity.
Love and light mingling Into a celestial light A ray of hope kindling candle in hearts A divine Spark from above in Soul.
Copyright reserved@ Kalipada Ghosh, WB, India.

Kalipada Ghosh 
Eh.. look at the Space! At starry night So miraculousIn an Autumn evening! Heavenly bodies bathing in the GALAXY… How mysterious and amazing Perhaps millions and millions yearshave elapsed Since the creation…A clash. A great clash!Vibrations against vibrations. Dense clouds and dust particlesPieces of Stones scattering A blurred black hole A cosmic beauty and miracleCondensed  Warm earth lava ,stone pieces Gradually getting cooler Gravitational force The moon appeared Seasonal alternation Cosmic beauty No life, no oxygen Reactions ensued The oceans… Bacteria Amoeba, the life sprang up The Sun and the moon With earth, a relativityAttractions and vibrations Tides and ebbsOcean rages Constant vibrations and Sounds A silence, the waves of light! A planetary systemSolar and lunar eclipse A workshop… A harmonious unity Creating cosmic musicSpiritual Consciousness ! Love and light Exploration with mysticism Astro-physics and astronomy Metaphysics Life and space Nature and Man Natural beauty multiplied Cataract and waterfalls All all mysterious to the extreme. Man ponders and pondering Life and living Sometimes a change A miraculous change with Calamities Unravelled mystery ! A mysterious creation! Permeating COSMIC BEAUTY AND LOVE.
Copyright reserved@ Kalipada Ghosh,WB, India. 19.11.2021.

This Poem is dedicated on the auspicious International Day Of Peace for the sake of humanity.

Peace and love generated from within the soul An inviolable feeling and sentiment The soul of man is eternal and immortal True contentment consists in love and peace. Reciprocal love bridges the two souls Through love and light, Peace is rooted deeply in human hearts.Peace is the ultimate shelter of humanity Peace and love co-exist each otherPeace is the sublime state of mind and souluplifting elevating sublime and harmonious. Only love and peace enable man to create a new world where enmity, animosity, envy and malice retreat and recoil.
Man becomes beast selfish, self-centred, greedy and outrageous without the soft corner of love. The greatness of love lies hidden within the sublime soul. We hate horrors of war and hug peace. The milk of human kindness is born out of love and empathy. Love and harmony strengthen the foundation of peace. We embrace love and peace to solemnize and uplift the eternal bliss and salvationPeace and love to be restored and secured for the sake of humanity.
Copyright reserved Kalipada Ghosh ,WB, INDIA. dt. 21.09.2021.

We thank you so much for this great interview and your precious time Dr Kalipada Ghosh.