Ahavni Kevorkyan: “I know that literature will be there until the last living person is alive on earth”

Επιμέλεια συνέντευξης: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

AHAVNI  KEVORKYAN lives in Plovdiv. She is chairman of the ASSOCIATION OF WRITERS – PLOVDIV. Creator of the Armenian Cultural and Information Center, Plovdiv. Winner of “Guardian of the Motherland” award of Ministry of Diaspora of  the Republic Armenia in 2016. Actively cooperates with Fondation Yavorov.

2019 publishes the book “The Legacy of Tekirdah”.

2021 publishes a bilingual poetry book “44/2020”.

Her works have been published in the magazine “Znatsi”, “PlovdivLit”, “The Word Today”.

Please share your thoughts about the future of literature. When u start writing? I’m storytelling since I know myself. My thoughts were flying across the mysterious images of the stories,which my grandmothers and fathers were telling me. A part of them were very sad, but in all of them there was profound wisdom and tought us live for the honor and with dignity. I loved the stories about handsome heroes and stange creatures, I recited poems by Bulgarian and Armenian poets.

I know that literature will be there until the last living person is alive on earth. In literature  are the emotions, happiness and dreams of all living people. There in the boooks is the spirit of our ancestors who light the path of our children and grandchildren. 

The Good and the Bad. Who is winning in nowadays? We’re all living in a difficult time. The pointless wars around us are not stopping, children are dieing. In Africa thousands of children are still starving.We lived throughout the isolation because of the pandemic, and neighbor countries are devastated due to nature cataclisms. All these things bring pain and sorrow. No one is winning of the pain of others. The truth though is that in the hardest times children are born, people get in love, songs are sang, poems are written. Our world will live until  there is love and hope. We have to fight for love and trust between us, no matter how hard that is!

How many books have you written And where can we find your books. I have one book published in 2019 “Heritage from Tekirdag”. It’s about the tragic faith of my family, the traditions of my genus. I’m writing about the food that my grandmother was cooking. Because I don’t have a photo album of my ancestors, I’m leaving this book to my grandchildren, to remember who they are. 

My second book is poetry”44/2020″. It’s written for 44 days, as much as the last war for the independence of the republic of Artsah. And my next book will be about the love and joy of live, hopefully with God’s will! I’m distributing my books by myself, through the internet and at readers meetings. I’m  happy to know in who’s home they enter.

The book. E book or Hardcover book What will be the future? I love the smell of ink on the books, love to open and touch the pages. I’m collecting books from all over the world. I wish to believe that my grandchildren will go through the  pages, going to sleep with them.

I understand that with ebooks we protect the forests we spare space in our homes, and I know that in a tablet you can have more books than in my library, but anyways the magic is between the pages I believe.

Other than that I’m a fan of reading books rented from city libraries, this way I have the pleasure of meeting other readers and to share  my emotions with them.

A wish for 2022. A phrase from your book. I want peace and bread for all children on the planet. 

I don’t want to be “white and good”. It is enough to be there with no makeup and lies, to be present and showing the way in the night, when I’m gone.