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Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

The United Nations Unit for Climate Change incorporated into the United Nations, gains great strength from Latin America and the Caribbean due to its high leadership with a strong work engine from the UNACCC WORLD YOUTH PARLIAMENT IN ITS IV EDITION that this year It will be activated in 80 locations in 40 countries to sow positive values, raise awareness of the SDGs, prevent suicide, develop soft skills and promote care for the common home. UNAccc is the world’s leading organization in awareness, promotion and education on the SDGs with a presence in 157 countries, with 300,000 members and 649 board members, more than 100 advisors, 700 high-level SDG ambassadors on the 5 continents of social and corporate commitment. UNAccc Registered by H.E. Prof. Dr. Rhajat Sahrma CEO Global, under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs of India, as Section 8/25. Organization also made up of 80G of the Ministry of Finance and more than 200 associations around the world. Incorporated into the UN, which is strengthened in Latin America and the Caribbean by working with the 7 million members of the Alliance of Global Leaders chaired by Dr. Jeanette Tiburcio, who for more than 3 years has been the Maximum Authority of UNAccc Latin America and the Caribbean. In the search to strengthen the structures, the businessman and social activist Cristian Tietze joins the UNAcccc Latin America, a key man, who arrives with a lot of strength to support all the work that he has been carrying out since 2021 on the continent. Cristian Tietze Carricaburo, of Argentine nationality, but a citizen of the world, is a fair, noble and upright man, he is a great strategist and visionary, of challenges and goals, who has earned the trust and support of hundreds of organizations globally for His unbreakable word, and high prosocial behavior, comes to the organization with all the drive in the search to consolidate, together with Tiburcio Márquez, great goals, in terms of education, culture of peace, environmental care, strengthening of children and young people and seeking trace paths that strengthen the mental and physical health of children and young people on the continent with special attention to childhood diabetes and malnutrition.

Cristian, with great commitment, offers to apply all his intellectual and emotional intelligence to strengthen the social fabric, counting on extensive decades of experience with which he has sheltered those most in need: children, young people, women and older adults, with the different social support programs that he has established as President of the Peace For Life Foundation and as Secretary General of IIMSAM-UN, where he has timely addressed child malnutrition. Cristian, in addition to being a businessman, is also the first foreigner in Mexico to serve as a Legislative Advisor in the Senate of the Republic, in matters of health and education. Due to his deep commitment and high ethics, he has provided advice to the central and local governments of Mexico, the United States and various countries in Central and South America. Having great scope with its actions and impact in Mexico City, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Ecuador, Mozambique, Italy, Costa Rica, Paraguay and Brazil. Inspired by the figure of his mother, he works on behalf of women and mothers, with his vision and great nobility he weaves actions that strengthen them in various areas, For him, Peace consists of dedicating his life to achieving maximum happiness for the group, addressing social inequality and seeking a more even floor for the most disadvantaged, concentrating many actions on the well-being of children, adolescents and young people through study, sport and food through IMMSAM-UN addressing malnutrition. Currently Tietze and Tiburcio are drawing up a global plan that affects the education of children and adolescents through the Eureka Accelerated Learning System as an effective response to low educational rates and school dropouts. And developing a university education program to make professionalization available to everyone. The UNAccc Latin America and the Caribbean, in conjunction with large organizations, is ready to address great challenges, for its noble leaders who dream big for a better world, of respect, collaboration, unity, Tiburcio and Tietze seek with their impeccable work, to contribute to the eradication of poverty and crime, working together to achieve a significant impact on various social problems, drawing on various collaboration and support strategies to rebuild the social fabric at a global level. Working in harmony and trust, in close collaboration with government and private entities, to contribute to the full development of children and women to transform people’s lives through initiatives related to health, education, culture, sports and peace culture. This world needs models of motivation and inspiration and with their high leadership, commitment and transparent work, Tietze and Tiburcio will continue to make a difference with their contributions to global culture.