Ulya Koroleva: “I think that Poets have a great future for the literary project”

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Επιμέλεια συνέντευξης: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Μετάφραση: Alexander Kabishev

Ulya Koroleva is a poet from St. Petersburg. The declamator, the author of the collection of poems “Beware, lyrically!”, the organizer of poetic events, the author of the literary project Poets live.

What inspired and inspires you to write now? To whom or what were the first works dedicated? I consider my favorite city on the Neva River, where I live, to be my inspiration. Its streets, history, people of course. In any weather and in any place, I notice wonderful moments and catch beauty. I also consider men to be my inspiration, who are no less mysterious than women. The more complex and deeper a person is, the more interesting it is to discover him. I started writing poetry at the age of 8. My earlier work is dedicated to the small village where I spent my childhood.

Do you have a favorite author? Why him/her? Even the t9 on my phone knows that my favorite poet is Marina Winter. I have known this girl for a very long time and consider her a nugget. Her philosophical poetry is eternal. There are different meanings in any poem, at any time. Of the classical poets, I can single out Eduard Asadov, because many of his poems are imbued with miracles, and they inspire me to write and read. Many of my friends, contemporary poets have also earned my love for their work. For their images and skill, for the precise and beautiful rhyme that sound like strings inside me.

What creative activities, besides poetry, characterize you and make you recognizable in St. Petersburg? I am a very positive person, I always try to look for positive moments and emotions in all situations of life. I am not afraid of failure and always fulfill my dreams. I love horses, ballet, traveling, walking. And my development would not have happened without my acquaintances in these areas.

What is the peculiarity of your performances and what makes you stand out from other poets of St. Petersburg? I try to approach each performance as if it were a concert at the Olympic. I rehearse the text, develop the acticulation, set myself up for a good reading. This is so that my viewers and readers can feel my emotions and feelings together with me.

Tell us about your project “Poets live”. What is this event and how is it conducted? Poets Live is a literary project created in 2016. On it we read poems of classics, contemporaries and favorite poets. Anyone can take part in it. We are looking for different venues for these events, where readers and listeners would be comfortable and interesting. My co-host Alexander helps me to lead and develop this project. In St. Petersburg, the project was launched in April 2021 and received good ratings and reviews among readers and listeners. I think that Poets have a great future for the literary project.

How do you manage to combine work and poetry? Is there enough time for everything? Oh, actually, it’s pretty simple. Because I taught myself to switch. I work for a large construction company, which also has its own scale of development. I often occupy leading positions, and I communicate wonderfully with my team. Of course, there is always not enough time, but it is important to prioritize correctly.

What hobbies do you have besides literature? In addition to work and creativity, I have a family, a growing favorite nephew and loyal friends, for whom I also find time. I also travel around Russia. I also fulfill dreams that I have kept for many years. For example, the year 2022 was quite fruitful for me: I got a tattoo that I dreamed about for 7 years, rode horses, jumped with a parachute, visited the sea, scuba dived, climbed the Caucasus Mountains. This year I have ambitious plans too.

How do you see the future of your creativity and world literature in general? I do not want to and will not make a wish for the future. The past is forgotten, the future is closed, the present is granted. This year I want to release a second collection, where there will be both poetry and prose. I don’t have enough inspiration for it yet, but I believe that everything has its time. I do not seek fame and imitation, I just want my lines to resonate in the hearts of people.

What would you like to wish your readers and fellow writers/poets in the coming 2023? Do not be afraid and go ahead for your dream.