“The season of poets” Rozalia Aleksandrova

Άρθρο της Ποιήτριας από τη Βουλγαρία Rozalia Alexandrova

Επιμέλεια Εύα Πετρόπουλου Λιανού

Artists often argue about which one is more influential on us. Regardless of the arguments, every art has the task of bringing us closer to a higher perception and understanding of Life. To that idea, word, sound and form that will warm our souls and we will feel closer and happier. Poetry seems to be the most understandable and close. The word that can excite instantly.

The challenges of the thirties of the Third Millennium are also facing Poetry. These are factors that act on a spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual level. They affect values and established frameworks in global society. Waves of negative emotions swirl in all directions of the horizontal and vertical of human and earthly society. Today the world is headed to the counterpoint of the metaphor Life. It looks like that.

And, unexpectedly, negative emotions and events are tamed in the new bright movement of poetic society around the world. He already has it. Here and now! Poetry invisibly stabilizes and neutralizes chaotic manifestations. Because She is clothed in the words of the Energy of creation. True Poetry is not a reflection of visible reality. It is the warm hand of the Creator, extended to people in this significant moment through the word.

What are the words in poetry that are important to man? Words that we call good. Words that make us rejoice, believe and hope. To laugh, to understand and to love. They give us answers to existential questions. Moreover, in Poetry there are answers that are given with very few words, or sometimes without words.

Poets are engaged in the eternal questions of existence by raising and landing thought, through questions and answers that often change the perspective of social prejudice. Seen through the prism of eternal present time. Through purity and harmony.

Now is the season of poets!

They are torches of spiritual development. They are called to justify God’s blessing on people. Poetic society at this time can be called global without any additions and injected self-confidence. The reason for this are the literary sites, anthologies, almanacs published in Europe and around the world. The flow of public events – poetry festivals, premieres and newly published books of poetry – seems to race against time. Among them the activity of the literary sites is especially fruitful and important.

One such site, which can be called a representative sample of a successful contemporary poetic site, is Atunis Galaxy Poetry. Its publisher is the great poet Agron Shele (Albania – Belgium). Every year, in collaboration with the Dutch publishing house Demer Press, led by the poet Hannie Rouweler, Agron Shele creates an anthology that includes works by poets from around the world.

This year’s anthology “Atunis Galaxy Anthology 2022” is an exquisite edition in red, white and light gray. And inside are collected works of 167 poets from around the globe. When one turns its pages, one understands that here Poetry has done its universal role – to give a cure for the pains of the soul, to strengthen the body and to help readers to look at the experiences of poets as in their own mirror. Diverse in style, despite the English language framework, this anthology holds the full range of human emotions and thoughts: from the wild horses of imagination and enthusiasm to the calm strength and depth of the wise gaze of our contemporaries.

Poetry as an essence and a sacred message is apolitical. This can be seen in the selection of verses made by the compiler Agron Shele. The only policy of Poetry is to bring people together in the name of Goodness, Harmony, Beauty and Love.

In a slightly more specific plan, I will focus on some images that thematically unite the authors.

The first of them is the image of the Rose, which is a symbol of inner purity. With it, poets discover the world of beauty and perfection we strive for.

The image of the Way is present even in verses that do not contain this sacred word. There are two directions in the interpretations of this topic: the human and the divine way.

One subtopic of the above is the search for a direct conversation with God. And the gratitude of our contemporaries for the opportunity to be here on Earth at this very moment.

The theme of Love as the eternal engine of Life is recreated in all its aspects.

A special beauty is contained in the theme of the Contemplation of magical reality. And in the eyes of the poet it is only such.

How the doors of Happiness are unlocked – the creators of the word know how to express it in a few but precise words.

In this poetic anthology there are many verses that speak of Joy as a life-affirming force and Joy as a building material for the present and future of mankind.

A concrete but also charismatic image is that of the Wind. The wind of Hope, of parting with difficulties, of Freedom to be a real person.

The image of Silence is, perhaps, the greatest challenge for the reader. From the silence of loneliness to the understanding of this mighty force as a unifying island of All created and uncreated.

Often poets look at the sky. Because their gaze is always an open door to true values, to sacred truths. They have the ability to reshape times and spaces with words, to be human and to become messengers. Visible and invisible. To transform everyday life into their incredibly beautiful mind and world. Thus the warmth of their feelings and thoughts poured out on the white sheets of the anthology.

This process, which is observed in the anthology, is parallel to the processes that move humanity. The avalanche-like unification of poets from all over the world is indicative of the development of human society. A sign that people need beauty and harmony, love and support not in some distant future, but now. Literary anthologies, sites and forums become an arena of new ideas, friendships and love, blessed and supported by the power of Evolution – the ubiquitous law of human and cosmic development.