The most amazing and beautiful plastic artist Hasna Salah El-Din Nawiyeh

Written by Dr. Atef Khair

Translated by Dr. Iman Meliti

Επιμέλεια Eva Petropoulou Lianou Author children literary Poet Greece

Hasna was born in the city of Shebin El-Koum in Menoufia governorate…Egypt …an amateur plastic artist

She held a certificate of technical experience from the General Authority for Cultural Palaces. She held2 Sox diplomas in self-development

Instructor of free art courses in one of the academies

She worked as an art teacher for Few years in a private school

She is a Writer of artistic articles and dannimating artistic activities for children on Zahrat Al Arab satellite channels on YouTube

Trainer in technical workshops at the Embassy of Knowledge, Menoufia University

She held  many medals, certificates of appreciation and shields, apart from  the participation of local and international exhibitions

She has been awarded the Creativity Shield more than once after virtual exhibitions

She won first and second place in youth and sports art competitions

She was chosen more than once as a jury for children’s drawings

She held an honorary doctorate in culture and creativity from the International Arab Star Association in Palestine

She holds, an honorary doctorate from the spirit of art and more than an international honorary doctorate, along with decorations in culture and creativity.

She received a certificate of appreciation from Italy, following the  trainees’ participation in the Italy Postcards and Peace Exhibition

She was nominated as the personality of the year

Her artistic career covered a number of television and radio channels

It was written about her  on several sites that translate abroad, including Women of Egypt twice

Also, alkhabar. Net, a success story website from Menoufia, Al-Watan, and Al-Youm Al-Sabaa website, then Inspirational website. Then, after her recent artistic career, she waps admitted in  the book of Egyptian women creators and their human stories as one of its creators by the writer Hamdi Al-Baseer

I have many memberships as a member of the World Federation of Arab Plastic Artists

A member of the Imprints Forum of Arab Artists. And many other memberships

She held  the title of International Art Ambassador from an Arab country

Then she was pleased to  head the moment international news paper.