Suchismita Ghoshal: “I can say that the future of literature must find the right successors to carry forward the legacy”

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Author Biography: Internationally renowned bilingual poet Suchismita Ghoshal is one of India’s chosen young celebrities. The youth iconic face of the literature, Suchismita curves her way to be known in recent world literature, artistry, creativity and cultural exchange. English and Bengali-speaking writer Suchismita Ghoshal is an internationally recognised, award-winning and translated poet, orator, cultural manager, charismatic collaborator, literary practitioner, storyteller, philanthropist, peacemaker, change influencer, spiritual enthusiast, research scholar and artist.  Her brilliant presence in almost all world renowned magazines, anthologies, e-books, journals, newspapers, TV, channels, radio, conferences, book fairs, and festivals has brought her stardom. Academically Suchismita has outstandingly completed her graduation from Bachelors of Science, specialised in Bio-science stream and recently she has accomplished her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Human Resources Management and Entrepreneurship. Currently her sheer interest has taken her to pursue her Masters in Philosophy and a Post Graduate Diploma in Urban Planning and Development. She is serving as an administrator, moderator, communication head, literature leader and ambassador in many world-recognized international literary organizations, communities and groups. Suchismita is a native of Malda district, India.

Please share your thoughts about the future of literature. When do you start writing? Considering myself as an amateur litterateur, I might be very young to decide and discuss about the future of literature. Literature ranges from targeting the subtlest attributes from every aspect of the society to handling every situation with much sensibility and individual understanding of the authors. In this specific contemporary time, we are shifting towards individualism from the tendency of inclusion of the society as a whole. Whatever the future holds, I suppose the condition of literature won’t be vandalized as talents are not supposed to be prevented from their growth. All the literary practitioners are infused with revolutionary righteousness to rectify the things which hold back the mediums of acquiring improvement. So, according to the little knowledge I’ve been influenced by, I can say that the future of literature must find the right successors to carry forward the legacy. Approximately six years down the line, I had started scribbling my feelings down on my notepad. It was all new for me but as the time grew, I could recognise it as an integral part of my life’s journey.

The Good and the Bad. Who is winning nowadays? Evils are progressively transgressing in accordance with the preset attribution to leave the crown for Good only as the ultimate result. Good must defeat when evils are beyond the level of capacitance as per the situation.

How many books have you written? And where can we find your books? Have been a part of many globally renowned anthologized collections with many esteemed personalities across the globe, for which I consider myself as a privileged young fellow. Besides, I have written three poetry collections till now, sequentially named as ‘Fields of Sonnet’, the debutant poetic collection, ‘Poetries in Quarantine’ and Emotions & Tantrums’, collections written during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

Recently in this year, have been collaboratively published with the wonderful children’s author and poetess, Miss Eva Petropolou Lianoy, based in Greece with the gesture of a significant literary and cultural exchange between Greece and India. “An Ecstatic Renaissance Between Greece and India Through Poetry”, as the name suggests, this outstanding poetry collection offers poems in different dimensions which a poetry patronizer will thoroughly love. All of these pre-mentioned books can be traced through the Amazon online website.

The book. E book or Hardcover book. What will be in the future? Both of them have their own unique asset, prospect and offerings. Also, on the other hand, both of them have boundaries and drawbacks. With all these pros and cons, both should exist parallely to support the subtle art of writing and reading.

A phrase from your book. I would like to dedicate a few verses from my poem, ‘Introspection’ for this significantly transformative year of my life-

“Traces of satisfaction don’t mean saturation

But it indeed proclaims the gratefulness

Of the journey till now since the infinite ages.”