Shaaban Muhammad al-Banna: “If the mind is correct, the transfer took place”

Σας παρουσιάζουμε τον poet Shaaban Muhammad al-Banna, Egypt_Beheira Governorate_Kom Hamada_Kafr Ziada village

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Μετάφραση: Taghrid BouMerhi

Shaaban Muhammad al-Banna. Born on January 28, 1962 to Egyptian parents. My father used to cultivate the land and my mother was responsible for the housework.

I wrote poetry in my thirteenth spring. I read the Muallaqat first and it is for the poets of the pre-Islamic era, and I passed through the poets of the Abbasid era, the era of Bani, illiteracy, and the era of decay, all the way to the poets of the modern era in the Arab world, and the Diaspora, north and south. I adopt the classical approach, and I am not far from the poets of the school of free poetry, and what was then called the poets of modernity.

Please share your thoughts on the future of literature. Regarding the future of literature as a global phenomenon, it is considered the most closely related link and the connecting bridge between peoples, through which it is possible to cross through to get to know the culture of the other, and interact with this culture in what serves the common human interests among nations side by side, with the inventions of modern civilization and the secretions of human sciences on the planet Earth, leading to human understanding, love and cooperation between the sons of Adam.

Good and Evil. The symptoms of good and evil on the planet earth are among the global phenomena, of which literature and art should have the fullest share, for what must be based on and taking from each branch its share, and salvation to a future dominated by love and challenged by the values of social and human support, leading to the gathering of all nations and peoples under The umbrella of this support, brotherhood, and interdependence is an inevitable victory for the good in one word, as this good represents the rule, giving up the exception for everything else, and escaping from the evil of the conflicts raging on the outskirts of the blazing planet.

How many books have you written, and where can we find your books?. Number of books: 5

1- A Message from the Other World, a collection of poetry, 1984.

2- The Burning Campus, a collection of poetry, 2000.

3- For the love of Egypt, a collection of poetry, 2015.

4- “Contemporary Poets”, a literary study. 2015.

5- Elia Abu Madi .. Souvenir of the past, a literary study 2017, the Egyptian General Book Authority.

A wish for the year 2022/2023. One of my wishes for 2022/2023 is that they teach peace all the forms of conflict on the planet, the noise and confusion of events every moment. I also hope that the problems of the hungry and homeless, as a result of armed conflicts, who live in tents and wander in deserts will be solved. And to establish community organizations looking to solve the problem of poverty and social justice that are absent in the Third World, and for love and peace to prevail, and to replace hatred and hatred among peoples.

A phrase from your book. I can say, “If the mind is correct, the transfer took place.”