Rezauddin Stalin: “I am not sure of anything, I know nothing…”    

Rezauddin Stalin: Ένας από τους μεγαλύτερους ποιητές του Bangladesh απαντάει στις ερωτήσεις του Polisfreepress και μας αποκαλύπτει τα μελλοντικά του σχέδια. 

Do you remember writing your first words of poetry? When was it? Please tell us more about it. I was 7 Years s old, I wrotesome verses. I was student of Class three. I can remember the title of that poem- promise. In my childhood i saw house of grandmother. She was so nice and kindfull to me. I saw green village, Silver river, Blue sky. Still i can recollect that memory. This is actually assets of my life. When i was student of X1 Class, i wrote a new poem. Name the Door.

I want to share Some lines: Now we shall have to move out. The room is terribly cold and dark. The door is narrow as in a prisoner’s cell. While some of my poems represent weariness tedium, some other poems portray motion and speed also.

Did you have any early influences/inspirations? I am beautiful, as a dream in stone and my emotion. In which every man has bruised himself in his turn, is made to inspire in poets a love as eternal and as silent as a matter itself.

What/who started you writing poetry? This is very difficult to say – allusiveness will not come naturally to a poet without wide and varied reading. Allusiveness make a demand on the reader, especially because sometimes allusions are not only remote but also concealed with no name, etc to provide any pointer. Quantitative growth is also something one should be Proud of. But creativity and excellence and even technical craftsmanship of high order. But since T S Eliot, it is a broadly accepted dictum that the individual talent should not be nerved from tradition, and i am Concerned with the tradition.

Does your background / heritage influence your writing? Please explain. The question is, what is originality? One who reads much will naturally be open todiverse influences. If xenophobic isolation was the Standard of creativity and originality, then Bengali literature would never have seen the modem age and Michael Madhusudan Datta must be regarded as the greatest Plagiarist of all. When the scottish poet Thomas Campbell was asked by a young lady to compose something original for her, he politely declined saying- There is nothing original in me, excepting Sin. My poetry embodied many of the dominant. T S Eliot said that when the complexities and diversities of the age act upon the cultivated mind of the poet. The product is bound to beObscure. My poetry, is not devilishly difficult as thst some modem poets. But it is not sugar candy either leaves something to the imagination of readers and admits of a plurality o interpretations.

What subjects mostly inspires you to write? Why? The poet musr raise everything to higher level. Poet like a pump, inside him is a great philosophy down in to the deepest layers of hearts. Gustave Flaubert said like this about Arts or poems. Love, humanity, nature is Universal subject of poetry. My poem also inherit all, and Bangali Poetry terms of decades. And I like say I am aninheritor of The modern tradition, is equally tortured by ennui and sense of desolations. Anti-poetry is also a new experimentation and is still inadequately defined, though now that idea has became great school. Now i can say magic realism, surrealism, modernism – i am student of thoughs and school.

Do you remember your first ever published work? Where, what was it? When? Tell me how you felt seeing your words in print. Yes i remember, my first published poem in National Daily – titled The door. And my first published Collection of poem named – Firini Obadha Ami. And when i saw my published book i just kissed my self. Again as a poet i want to share lines from Borges: My name is someone and any one i walk slowly, like one who comes from so far away. He Doesn’t except to arrive.

What publication are you most proud to have your work published in, why? I am proud of my Book. Selected poems of Rezauddin Stalin. Published by Amazon. Actually This book has International value. My best translated poem is accompanied here.

Do i have to say anything about the selection of poems? Selection and collection are, I am Afraid, subjective matters which can never find Universal condorsement. It may by recalled thatplgrave in the golden Treasury did not Include any poem of william Blake.

Do you have a favourite genre of poetry?Why? Tell me more about it. I like philosophical Serious Poetry. Surrealistic poetry. And also magic realism. While some of poems represent weariness tedium, some other poems portray motion and speed also.    

What are your future plans as a writer/poet? My future plans, I want yo write Wonderful poem for man kind. I want to write new poem which is absolutely language of mine. I am trying to adapt new Symphony.  

What projects are you working on and why? My new project is coming February. Book fair i will publish collection of: poems-name Hidden treasure. Poet publication house will publish the Book. 

A phrase that you like and inspire you… Nothing nothing my friend. What I have told you: I am not sure of anything, I know nothing….      

Thank you so much dear friend. Thanks to all of you. 

We are so grateful to you Honorable poet Dr Rezauddin Stalin for this interview.