Review on Daniel Revach’s chapbook “THERE ARE MOUNTAINS IN THE OCEAN”

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

The poems have a cadence that brings much peace to the reader. It is like swimming in a pool of perfumed water while he takes our hand to help us to go forward on the reading but also on life itself.

A natural leader and peace builder, Daniel is like a teacher guiding us on the fearful experience of being humans.

Romance is not absent from this poetry book. In every page we will find the deepest soul of love. Anyway, this is not a book of love poems but a very profound and philosophic one.

In the poem titled “The Absurdity of Life, Death and Ms Duff’s Funeral Procession”, the author is captivated by this dilemma and writes not to escape from the ugly reality but to change it using his words as weapons of peace. And he has won because he reached his goal.

MARIA CRISTINA AZCONA-Buenos Aires, Argentina

Writer, poetess and literary critic. Peace Art Culture-ICP- World Vicepresident & cofounder. WWPO-Bilingual MCA-President founder. Educational Psychologist. UNESCO non-profit consultant in peace, literature, and arts