Poems by Tran Cam Thanh

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Translated to English by Vu Hoang Linh Chi

Biography: Tran Cam Thanh
Hometown: Quang Ngai – Vietnam
Currently living and writing in: Dak Lak – Vietnam
Occupation: Teacher
Member of Dak Lak Literature and Art Association
Branch President of Dong Dak Lak Culture and Arts Association
Chief editor of electronic newspaper: vhntkrongpac.blogspot.com

Published works:
– Flowers in the grass (Co-published): Dak Lak Culture and Arts Association;
– Silently stay awake with the sound of birds (A collection of poems) Writers Association Publishing House – Hanoi;
– The moon returns slowly (Poetry Collection) Writers Association Publishing House – Hanoi;
– Many general printed books. There are poems in newspapers, magazines, websites domestically and internationally

– Consolation prize awarded by the People’s Committee of Dak Lak province (once every 5 years);
– Prize B by the Dak Lak Culture and Arts Association;
– Many certificates of merit and medals awarded by the Central Committee of the Union of Vietnamese Associations and the Ministry of Education of Vietnam.

His poems:

Through the twin towers

Silent ancient towers
Time makes it mossy
Cham dance is groggy
Drifting back in the afternoon!

Old eyes

Birds returning to the mountain got lost in the forest
The waves drift down to the sea
I have lingered for a life
Lost in the old eye color.


The flowers over there reflect the distant feeling
The sky here has a single star
Two glasses of wine in two bitter skies
Sad poem of the ruined day

Being high

Alone to the top of the mountain.
Let your soul fly.
So many human emotions.
Drown into the drunken river!


Strawberry broken for a lifetime
Rediscovering a broken life
Four eyes cried with joy yet filled with tears
Both laugh… The years without each other!


Ever since I befriended with birds and fish
Bamboo path, peaceful apricot yard
Ever since I love the sunset
Cereus flower blooms white at night


Playing with people all the time, how boring
Tired, I return to play with the tree
Listen to the birds singing, watch the flowers bloom
Enjoy the wind in the morning, the sun at the end of the day…


You came to find me in my youth
Thousands of flowers bloom in the wind to bring spring
Sparkling eyes and lips in the color of the sun
Excited about spring
Bustling spring


Lost in the woods
the wind falls and the rain falls
reaching out to bloom green bud

Bloom to the end of life
ultimate desire
to the end of the dream, infatuated

Every life will eventually be blown away by the wind
what is left is the sparkling sky.


If only I were stupid
Be carefree, keep loving you
Believe in your smiling eyes and lips
That tomorrow happiness will be completely intact.

If only life was peaceful
If only people did not hypnotize people!