Poems by Til Kumari Sharma

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Ms. Til Kumari Sharma as Multi Award Winner in writing  from international sector is  from  Bhorle- Hile, Paiyun 7, Parbat, West Nepal. Her parents are  Mr. Hari Prasad Bashyal (Mayor of Village Assembly in time of Kingdom) and Mrs Liladevi Bhusal / Bashyal. She is PhD scholar in English Literature from Singhania University Rajasthan,  India. She has published many  thousands of poems, some essays, and stories and other  literary writings in  International Magazines, groups and anthologies from ( amazon.com)  Russia, America,  England, Hong Kong, Greece, Philippines,  Hungary,  Brazil,  Chile, Scotland, Indonesia,  Bangladesh, South Africa, Kenya,  Nigeria, North Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Spain,  India, Nepal and many  other countries. She is featured -poet  and best -selling  co-author too. She is world renowned poet now. She has got gold, silver and excellent award from different international groups of poetry. She is moderator in Global Poetry Forum.

Natural Beauty:

Beauty inside nature is infinite.

Evergreen and eternal

The journey is of our is short.

Nature is eternal beauty.

Unfinished and undied

No grave is dug for nature.

Cloud harmonizes sun and  moon.

Rainbow decorates earth.

Water as unfinished entity.

Wonderful the natural beauty is.

Beauty of nature dazzles my eye.

Then closing appears at same time.

Harmony of her

Sublimity lies.

Questing spiritual youth in it

Really nature is beautiful entity in herself.

I as Moon:

Alienated journey in night of sky

Moon is beauty of universe

Often gloomy why?

Roaming in dark earth

Vanished at day time

Appearing as pure moon in sky to light the night of nature

Dark but wisdom of ethics

Moon symbolizes me.

That is walking alone with slow motion.

To bring light in everything

Moon as me waits no one.

Walks indendently in dark corner.

Finding path herself to bring new universe of her own.

She is eternal without her demise of lone existence.

Veil of Love:

Control or freedom is unknown in love.

Where it resides is uncertain.

Magic of  human survival is love.

Love medicine and poison both,

Kills and saves both.

Veil of love is biggest issue in earth.

Love never in dust,

But it resides in art.

Wonderful hurt is love.

Nearly it makes mad.

Love is amazing factor.

No one can teach its exact definition yet.

There is no teacher to teach pure love.

What is love composed by many.

But its truth is veiled in earth.

Love is magic of harmony.

Different in view but seeking true sense of love by all.

Sept. 24-2023

© Til Kumari Sharma

Paiyun 7- Parbat Nepal

Now Kathmandu, Kirtipur Nepal