Poems by Thành Ba Lê (Abahn Leth)

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Author: Thành Ba Lê (Abahn Leth)

War And Peace

As war broke out everyone was fearing

Many houses in the city were breaking

Rural rice field was like burning areas

In dry gardens, rice isn’t green fresher

Human and animal corpses are stinking

Because of war, they can do everything

Countries for their profits fight together

To spread to the world it ruined forever

Peace can be possible if we create ever

At a conference, we should talk together

We should settle down all our difficulties

People are well off in peaceful countries

The solution for peace is always superior

Eliminate conflicts and confronts forever

Nations exchange and take care of interests

Welfare is given to others for good interests

In short, the wars are the only hated as ever

Therefore, you should live in peace together

Your kindness shows conscience you see

In the world, you have days so beautifully.

Abahn Leth@All Rights Reserved

A Dream And A Reality

Author: Thành Ba Lê (Abahn Leth)

My soul in a dream is like escaping life

My prayer has touched Cupid’s mind

You are born as a wonderful pearl

I think in a dream seeing you here

In the fog, smoke, grateful for Cupid’s dream

You’re a fairy to shine a halo poem realms

I am confused with the divine love as ever

Does a muse appear in the human world?

You have come to change everything

A lady who loves a poet I’m thinking

A horizon in your eyes is wide open

With a dream to end misery happens

With goodwill, you help those in need

Matter and even poetry rhyme indeed

Comfort them to overcome their poverty

Make them know their dream via poetry

They hope although life changed, you know

They patiently wait for the results to show

Your nice poetry from high above heaven

All flower plants wish but never happens

Abahn Leth@All Rights Reserved.

The worldly happiness or holiness

Author: Thành Ba Lê (Abahn Leth)

O! Darling! where’s the legendary Eden?

Where is it? Or right in this life burden

To create a paradise with brain and hand

To live happily with a devoted heart man

To live stable and enthusiastic to increase progress

Understand sutras, staying steadfast in happiness

Because living for each other is for top tenet truly

Because of being selfish, all life isn’t always easy

From Mr. Adam to now, how many generations?

Garden of Eden, forbidden fruits grow emotion

We keep wondering what is happiness.

Heaven’s happiness, earthly happiness

Who is holy? Who is a devil? Who is human in life?

The law of evolution has still grown and declined

Our hearts are not hard to keep faith love soon

Who gave us the rays of light in the afternoon?

Who illuminates all the secret feelings

Who soothes silently painful feelings

Blow faith in every corner of our minds

Who can fulfill desires, we can satisfy

Boredom worries in the mind of the world

The principle of happiness is in the world

With people, it’s a blessing from Heaven

But not all people realize all our Heaven

Abahn Leth@All Rights Reserved.