Poems by Slavka Božović

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Biography: Slavka Božović is a poet from Montenegro. He is a member of numerous domestic and foreign literary associations.
His works are presented in more than 80 regional and world anthologies and joint collections, and have been translated into several world languages.
It makes a significant contribution to electronic magazines, domestic and foreign websites, as well as radio frequencies that are heard on all meridians.
His poetry is highly rated in the world.
Slavka declared the captain of world poetry at the most visited world forum “StoryMirron”
He is also a senator of world poetry and winner of a gold medallion with her image from 2022 to 2025.
The humanitarian participates in spreading the love for peace and tolerance of humanity. Slavka was inaugurated as the peace ambassador of Montenegro and winner of the prestigious “Icon of Peace” award.
The Luso-Brazilian Academy of Arts and Poetry awarded Slavka Božović the title of Academic Immortal.
Slavka was declared “Icon of World Poetry” by the Indian Institute of Science and Art.
At the World Poetry Championship, held in Romania in August 2021, Slavka won the title of vice-champion and “World Poetry Star”.
Slavka published two independent collections “Suitcase of souls” and “Spark in the eye”.

Gorge of the heart

Where have you been hiding so far?!
What planet did you live on?
Did the cosmos do it
That   we   had to meet?!
You were approaching the cliff of my heart
You are drawn to the breath of magic, gentle
You slid and you fell into the abyss
And that’s where your trail ends
My heart is a sarcophagus
And it’s not a place for everyone
And you are someone special, dear
You take the throne in it
Do not doubt, do not complain
You have no reason to repent
What happened to you there
You remain, eternal in duration.

The author of the lyrics: Slavka Bozovic Montenegro

Where am I from to you?

Where am I from to you?
I would like to know
Since I’ve been on your mind
How come I’m in your dreams?!
Where does my shadow come from?
Under your dreamy eyelids
Hence the words of my name
On the lapel of the heart?!
Where did my whisper come from?
Sounds, deep in the chest,
How my touch came
On the edges of the lips?!
How are my tears?
In your black eyes
Hence my sadness
In those sleepless nights?!
Where does my tenderness come from?
In your melancholy songs
Hence my view
Deep in your eyes?!
Am I the cause of your suffering?
Since I’ve been inside you
The answers I want to know
Since when do you have me in you?!

© Slavka Božović Montenegro

A trace of eternity

When I first saw you
It was as if I had touched eternity
I found my star angle
I knew my home was in your heart.
I felt like there was no other world
I sailed with you in a poetic sea of dreams
It’s as if the galleys of telepathy are hovering just for us
Waiting for the arrival of white gulls in love.
We promised not to separate
As long as the grain of love hovers in our hearts
For srmin propolanka, we tied strong emotions
How the cosmopolitan goddesses of silence would glorify us.
When I first met you
Exhausted, I touched the beam of light
I found what I was looking for in a dark everyday life
From the beacon of your heart shines my trace of eternity.

© Slavka Bozovic Country: Montenegro