Poems by S Afrose from Bangladesh

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

The floating rose

She is here
A tub with the seed,
A seed with a hope
A hope with a lively colour.

The floor of door
So slippy.
You may go
The floating rose.

The rose is here.
Take this flower
Make the tower,
I am here.

Floating the rose
Making the cosy base
How nice!
Chase the ride.

Copyright ©️ S Afrose, Bangladesh

Obey dear heart

Don’t so tough.
Ode of life.
A new rhyme.

Over the rain
A snapshot!
What’s that matter?
Obey dear heart.

Below the sky
Your beautiful pie,
My dear friend
Obey this trend.

More or less
Dearest state,
Mother is the best.
Make this sense.

Obey dear mother.
Obey your mother.
Don’t forget,
She is the best.

Copyright ©️ S Afrose, Bangladesh

Short Bio: Published Author of 30 poetry books available on Amazon Worldwide. YouTube is S Afrose *Muse of Writes * and Facebook page is Muse of Words by S Afrose. E-mail is [email protected], [email protected].