Poems by Rezauddin Stalin

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

The Earth Of Mercury – Rezauddin Stalin

When a falcon’s egg is filled with mercury and placed in the mouth

Man can fly.

Man is the rival of birds

There are two airplanes in his eyes

Missiles in the ear

A bag of gunpowder inside the mouth

People prefer fish skeleton 

Feathers of blue throated birds

Eyes of dead tiger

And hanging of orphan Khudiram

The elites has antipathy to war

The consumption levels  decrease

The poor love war

War helps them to forget hunger

In future water will be sold in pegs  in the bars

Along with alcohol 

The mountains will be melted 

To make the omelets of eggs

The roast of trees will be tasty

It’s good to know those who live underground

Look for the new

Senoritas are waiting to marry Jesus

After his resurrection

That is the most beautiful city in the world

Where no one went before

None has seen the most beautiful lady ever

It’s the most beautiful poem that nobody read

Once man learns to fly he will never return to earth

Translated by Ashraf Chowdhury  ([email protected])