Francesco Favetta: “I believe that Poetry will be the weapon with which humanity will make its life free…”

I was born in the land of Sicily in that of Sciacca, i have always loved poetry, writing verses, but above all culture, true culture, food for the soul! So far i have written more than 4000 poems, i also write philosophical reflections and thoughts. 

In 2018 i was awarded by the Academy of Sicily, Academic of Sicily. I don’t like to participate in literary competitions, because culture, in my view: it is Freedom is Free Spirit, it is Soul in Motion, it must never be harnessed! 

To date, my lyrics have been published on the international poetic scene: 

Revista Azahar who edited my first Silloge of Poems in Spanish: Encantamiento y Palabras como Plumas; some of my poems published 

in The Silk Road Anthology: Nano Poems for Africa; my other lyrics published on the official website of the “Galassia Poetica Atunis”, including one in Russian; 

my other works published on the official WorldSmith International Editorial website; publication of my poems in OPA The Poetry Journal. 

I founded a theater company in Sciacca: Theatrum Socialis Sciacca. I also founded a Lions Club, Sciacca Terme. 

Finally, i believe that Poetry will be the weapon with which humanity will make its life free, and furthermore Beauty will always be a truth that will never be buried: from the times and events of daily human life.

Francesco Favetta Italy (Sicily)

Decided without fear!

Step by step

if there is no end

dressed as a protagonist

this warrior heart

his courage will scream

to the moon and the stars.

Light inside the veins

respect and will to live

feed my every thought

enchantment in the eyes

and voice never tired

they shake my blood.

Decided without fear

imprint in the ground

my footsteps as a man

while my life

like a saber

never fear the dark.

My skin becomes red

the fire inflames the face

hands are companions

together with my mouth

than like a volcano

explodes the truths and reasons.

© Copyright Francesco Favetta.

Жертвы этого мира

Это песни без слов

приливы забвения

пропасти такие глубокие

которые обитают в недрах

и учат жить

внутри этой жизни

шокирован насилием.

Жертвы этого мира

семьи и кресты

вокруг смерти танцуют

их держат за руки

отчаянно они кричат

боль и гнев ран

нанесены людьми без веры.

©Copyright Francesco Favetta.

The sea of life

It is like the sea


emotions stir

the stunned thoughts

forgotten anchors


still invisible

a vast ocean blue

to explore navigate.

We are small boats

the waves of life

they always toast

every moment

to our adversities

shores and hopes

they are landings

hoped for.

Let’s sail



the swollen seas


and storm surges

they sweep like volcanoes

the faint memories

the tides bring us back

back in time.

We smile drowned

in the blue

marine waters

like castaways

we breathe

life and salt


the acrid taste

some blood

that flows

in the sea

of life.

© Copyright Francesco Favetta