Poems by Niloy Rafiq

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Bio: Niloy Rafiq
Father : Mohammad Hossain
Mother : Noorjahan
Birth Place : Kalarmarchara, Moheshkhali,  Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.
Date of Birth : 6th August, 1983.

The Number of published poetry (Number-7) :
1. Bishoddha Bishadey Bhashi Aami Raajhnash (I am the swan floating in the pure air)-2014
2. Pipasar Paramayu (Eternity of thirst)-2016
3. Nona Manusher Mukh (Salty human face)-2017
4. Aggato Agun (Unknown fire)-2019
5. Ankhi Anka Aadinath (Aadinath in eyes)-2021
6. Momer Prarthonay Noto Matir Shorir (Earthen body bended, worshipping candel)-2023
7. Sun Leaf (Rud Pata)-2023

Self-Verses by Niloy Rafiq

Adam-Eve, tearing the threads fly in the Eden
Seeds of blood in sperms, wind of atmospheric disaster
Beautiful lights in the house, stormy songs in the home of words
Brown leaves dance in indecent poisonous snot.

In the curve of upstream ahead, there falls the shadow of smelly flowers
Violent chants’ sly in illiterate eyes makes a mess
Sun time barks, secret affairs during dusk
In rude stochastic trap, in the unknowable bondage in the fire root.

The dreamland burnt away, in the barrenness of in-law son
There are hilltop high protests in the verdict
Hides the face every day under cover in shame-hatred
Small tree, tiny flower, self-verses make one cry and provoke thoughts.
I look at the mirrors with respect; the sea hides itself in pain
Breaking down the wall of patience, peace path is in the lash of words.

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Sun Leaf by Niloy Rafiq

Moon in the soul-window in dark evening
Procession in the face’s cloud forest sky
Silent desire no chants in the air
Next morning is the secret cyclone of words.

Sun leaf earners call in biological sleep
Time lapse tells what in deep ease
Waves’ actors open umbrellas in caves on the both parts
Lovemaking is prohibited, satisfying lust seeing.

Daytime verses are wavy
Repercussion in Surya Sen’s house
Thunder discussion in sudden phone tune
Pathfinder bird in the nest by cloud raft.

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Wave Hunter by Niloy Rafiq

Gazing seabed, wave-loving Pine leaves
Having sunny soul in rainy season, I lost in the cloudy sky
Peace on plow-tip in the fertile soil of dreamland
Salty smell of sweat, under the falls in the high hill.

Hilltop sits in the wings of the stairs lovingly
Sun in the apple evening, on palm there is the dawn
The guests are overwhelmed seeing the kissing lips
Nature’s rests swing between the Eden ribs.

Rings the silver feet-lace bells, consequence is the beauty
In Labony-Sugondha Sqaure, peace chat during the convergence
While in sea seeing, silent eternal beauty
Of rivers hunt the waves, the meditation drown in the water.

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