Poems by Nguyen Dinh Tam

Η ποίηση ενώνει τους λαούς. Η ποίηση ταξιδεύει από το το Βιετνάμ –

Εύα Πετρόπουλου Λιανου

Poems by Nguyen Dinh Tam – Vietnam:

Floating with the clouds
The sea forgets that it is salty
I forgot my white hair
Deep blue, to aspire extend endlessly

There are birds tonight sleeping
In the middle of non-stop waves

There are eyelashes closing tonight
The heart is still beating evenly

There are words up tonight
Wake up for one love

Wake up with the sea for a lifetime
Come with me back to sleep
The wave of incarnation on the field dreamed of salty
Sea – and me – and you
Crystallized into salt particles of life

The moons are waiting for a moon
The night of the night of the sea was startled
I dreamed of treading on sand
Moon womb, flushed between immense
The magical moment of Heaven and Earth sublime
Loving too much is the face glowing
The generous night gave me the wave
Blame yourself on the two sides of the moon

Does not have a self-propelled birds their children from high cliffs into the sea
Mommy’s darling
Only me seagull
It’s time for I must to push me out of the nest
Don’t snuggle in my chest 
Don’t look at the tears in my eyes
You have to jump into the sea
May be in great danger
But you have to live

You will live
And you will live on your own
That’s the confident instinct of courage
Are your only living environment
Of our seagulls
In that place there will be fishermen
There are those sailors
Our good friends
They will welcome you like brave warriors
They love you with the love of the sea
Where you have a free sky
Satisfy passion, desire
Come on, my dear you!
Let’s start
Spread wings
Flapping wings
And I bet my life on the seagulls.

NGUYEN DINH TAM’s biography

* Former Lecturer, Head of the Division “Engine – Thermal Equipment” Vietnam Maritime University.
* Member of Vietnam Writers Association.
* Member of Vietnam Overseas Study Association.
* Member of Hai Phong City Writers Association.
* Prize:
+ Year 2015: First prize in the literary contest organized by the Vietnam Writers’ Association and Ministry of Communications and Transport organized in 2014-2015 to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Ministry of Communications and Transport, with the epic “Wake up with the sea”.
+ 2016: First prize in the poetry contest “55 years of Land and People” Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong City.
+ 2017: Award “Ten years of good poetry” by the Teachers Association of Hai Phong City (2007 – 2017).
+ 2018: Nanum Literary award, Korea (Nanum Literary Award).
+ 2019: Nationwide Poetry Competition Award ” Hai Phong – A Rising Aspiration”.
* Published Poetry Artworks:
– Waves in Autumn – Hai Phong Publishing House – 1982
– Love of the sea – Writers’ Association Publishing House – 2005
– Wake up with the autumn – Writers Association Publishing House – 2012.
– Wake up with the sea – Maritime Publishing House – 2015
– A time of the sea – Poetry and epic poetry – Writers’ Association Publishing House – 2017.
– Purple sunset Lan Chau – Writers’ Association Publishing House – 2018
– Words of Seagulls – Writers Association Publishing House – 2021
* Many poetic artworks have been introduced in foreign literary magazines: Korea, Romania, Nepal, Italy, Russia, Pakistan, India, Association of World Witers – AWW, Anthology of Poetry, Asian Literature…