Poems by Nancy Ndeke

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Bio: Nancy Ndeke.
Nancy Ndeke is a poet and an aspiring author. She loves to read and write as her major past time. Her poetry and short stories have appeared in international magazines and Ezines as well as in poetry groups.


See the cast by triumph’s hollow gleam,
The invader, amid conquest’s cold embrace,
For victory, claims youth’s hopeful dream,
Leaving graves and grief in war’s cruel trace.

Beneath the weight of sorrow, parents weep,
As futures crumble beneath the tyrant’s might,
Their mourning echoes through the silence deep,
A haunting dirge, a morbid, endless night.

In  the yearning for a tranquil shore,
Where peace weaves tales of a brighter fate,
The legacy of strife, we must deplore,
As harmony unfolds, a nobler state.

For in the gentle whispers of accord,
The seeds of hope arise, by peace restored.


As shadows cast by fractured souls we find,
The echoes of a truth, unkindly signed.
For broken hearts, in shards, may seek to mend,
Yet often weave a tale that wounds extend.

As bitter spirits grasp for fleeting joy,
Their bitterness, a cloak they can’t destroy.
In this variance of flawed humanity,
Let love and empathy be our decree.

For what we have, we give in every deed,
A choice to sow compassion as our seed.
In gentle strokes, repair the shattered frame,
Embrace the broken, whisper hope by name.

So, let our judgments be of kindness spun,
In love and empathy, redemption won.


Shadows can be deep, where mortal sorrows fade,
From life unjustly severed, voices rise,
A sonnet sung by souls in realms untried,
To slayers bound by deeds in death’s cascade.

From tiny seeds, where futures are betrayed,
To withered age, neglected ‘neath dark skies,
Life’s cruel terminus, a bitter prize,
In silent echoes, truths are starkly laid.

Aborted whispers weave a spectral thread,
Neglect’s cold touch, a haunting, ghostly wail,
Life-support unplugged, a kinship shred,
In poisoned veins, the poisoner’s tale.

Yet, Death’s deceit, a macabre guise,
For what men reap, in guilt, they sow demise.


Timelessness of forever, passage afflicted with  frays,
No seconds to squander, no hours to haze.
Moments unbridled, a dance with the divine,
Eternal echoes in the cosmic design.

Never too late, as stars softly bow,
In the agora of now, life’s verses allow.


Oh this twilight of our ailing Earth, where whispers of despair linger,
Man’s stranglehold tightens, a symphony of abuse, fingers of neglect.
A wounded orb weeps silently, a celestial elegy unfolds,
Echoes of its plea reverberate through the cosmos, tales untold.

Oh, Earth, cradled in the cosmos, adorned with azure cloak,
Yet man, blinded by greed, treads with heedless steps, a poisonous stroke.
Of Rivers weeping, forests mourning, the lyrics of life disrupted,
In this epic odyssey, lessons beckon, wisdom undisrupted.

Behold, ye children of Adam, custodians of this fragile sphere,
In the alchemy of time, let not ignorance be your veneer.
The golden sun, a teacher, whispers truths untold,
Lessons of harmony and balance, secrets of old.

Beneath the verdant canopy, where life’s ballet unfolds,
Man, be a steward, not a despot, let compassion be your stronghold.
For every footfall upon the soil, a pledge to heal and restore,
In the sacred covenant of existence, nurture, and adore.

See the seas, vast and deep, cradle of life’s inception,
A mirror to the soul, reflect on your reflection.
Waves dance in rhythmic cadence, a cosmic lullaby,
In the ebb and flow, discover the essence of why.

As constellations weave tales in the mystery of night,
Look up, dreamer, grasp the magnitude of your plight.
Stars, witnesses to epochs, speak of time’s grand design,
In their silent brilliance, find the roadmap to align.

The winds, messengers of change, bear whispers of tomorrow,
Embrace the gusts of transformation, cast away sorrow.
Man, architect of destiny, wield your power with grace,
In the kaleidoscope of existence, find your rightful place.

So let this elegy echo through the corridors of time,
A requiem for ailing Earth, a plea in every rhyme.
Awaken, O wanderer, to the call of cosmic kin,
For in the dance of creation, let the healing begin.

By Nancy Ndeke. 18.11.23.