Poems by Munavvar Boltayeva from Uzbekistan

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Name: Munavvar Boltayeva
Country: Uzbekistan
Title: Save nature!

Save nature!

As much as the universe is bright,
Our heart will be bright. 
If our house and street are clean,
Our hearts will also be clean. 
We humans leave garbage,
We damage the whole world,
Without planting trees and flowers,
We cut down without cruelty…
“No, no…”
This is not a cruel world,
These are cruel people…
Everyone needs love,
Nature and flowers,
To grow and live 
Let’s protect it for our children,
Let’s protect it for our future,
Let’s protect the green nature…

Poem Title: Peace is needed.
Author: Munavvar Boltayeva
Country: Uzbekistan.

Peace is needed!

Oh my friends in the world,
Give me your hand.
I am against knocking today
Give peace to my dear path.
We are united on the good path,
May peace be in our hearts,
This is our clear sky.
May peace shine forever,
We need love We need happiness
The only feeling of friendship for us.
Oh my friends from afar,
It is the dream of the universe to share goodness.
The anger of the earth will burst on the bad day,
The one who suffers, is swallowed by the earth.
If you love the earth, it will live.
If it gets angry, it will sleep in the dark.
We need peace, we need goodness.
Let us rest peacefully at night,
Poets of the world we meet today,
Let us sing a song of goodness.
We need peace
We need happiness!