Poems by Ana Petrovic from Serbia

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού


In this theatre we call humanity
echoes a thunderous cry of shattered children’s hearts
the enemy roars shamelessly,
they scatter Palestina , but they can never kill God.

Shame on all cruel souls,
mourn your frozen laughter
heaven will carry the burden of clouds
illuminating the darkness, that griveous rafter.

Disguises conceal the countenance of the beast
while the everlasting grace whispers softly,
innocent smiles are stolen, I can hear the scream.
Patience endures long but conquers mercilessly.

Arrogant haughtiness, forsake all hope,
your pomp is fleeting as dry leaves,
eternity descends down the slope,
tears will sing where angels gleam.

Ana Petrovic, born on 05.02.1985.in Serbia, I also live in Serbia. I wrote a book of poems, but unpublished yet. Finished medical school, VI degree. Many songs published in magazines and portals. Some of them are translated on English. I have been working on special programs with kids who have  paralysis cerebralis. I like working with kids as much as I like poetry.