Poems by Melita Ratković

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Biography: Melita Ratković, lives in Novi Novi – Serbia. Profession and cultural activity: Literary ambassador of Serbia to Brazil. /Participated in several anthologies, world heritage. Lifetime academic of the AIAP – INTERCONTINENTAL ACADEMY of Artists and Poets – Brazil
World Academy of Culture and Literature AMCL – Brazil
Academy of Literature Music and Art – Brazil
Guimarães Academy Of Letters Pink – Allegro – Brazil
Democratic Independent Academy of Writers and Poets – Brazil
Academy World library of letters and poetry – Brazil.

I promise, I will be responsible

The planet is our mother. I promise yes
I will not violate her natural laws.
I will protect her from the fire, by
be careful how I use it

match, lighter. I will forget about the barbecue
cause a fire of incalculable consequences.
I know that forests are our lungs, with each one
burnt wood, we reduce our oxygen

and the environment, a fire is a direct disaster
caused by our bad actions. I am not
smoker, I appeal to them to refrain from lighting up

cigarettes, except that cigarettes are extremely harmful
for health, they represent a great danger, a small spark from a discarded cigarette is enough
we are endangering mother earth. Homes

remain “swallowed” in flames”, we take away the natural habitat of animals and plants. In the end, we all suffer, we are one, in
life cycle.. Let’s be responsible.

©️ ® Melita Ratković

War and love


Dissonance between emotions,
destructive thinking,
jealousy, need
for hurting yourself,
of their loved ones, deep pain
within the soul, total disharmony,
darkness, lack of intelligence,
unscrupulousness, greed, sin.


Emotional harmony, empathy,
desire for reconciliation,
ego loss, self healing,
returning to the divine source.
Coming out of the dark depths
own spiritual labyrinth.

I release light, dispel
“mental creatures”, guided
divine love,
I am free.

©️ Melita Ratković Copyright protected

About friendship

 A friend is someone you can count on
 believe, always.
 If you ever doubt,
 go without looking back.

  When you feel you can
  put your life in someone else’s hands,
  knowing he won’t let them go,
  at the cost of your own life,

  your guardian angel.
  They won’t replace you
  with no other
  nor will he leave when he is needed.

  They are blessed
  those among us who
  see, feel, know,
  they suffer anger, injustice.

  We have few friends,
   let’s not change them for
  acquaintances, we will lose
  the most valuable thing in life, yourself.

  ©️®️Melita Ratković