Poems by Choi Kyung-sun

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Choi Kyung-sun is a writer who was born in Geomun Island, Yeosu, Korea. Her literary career began with the publication of her poetry book titled “How Green You Are”. She has also published another poetry book named “Left That Island”.

Spring in Maehyang-ri By Choi Kyung-sun

On the Day I Want to Walk with a Floral Step,
I’m Going to Maehyang-ri

A place preserved like a declaration of rusty time,
Where the wildflowers need to be looked upon
Without any worries or sorrow for a long time,
Has bloomed towards the stream.

It is truly spring, spring.

Amidst the hungry flock of birds flying under the bombs,
Don’t forget, let’s not forget
The blooming flower arrangement that comes abundantly.

Despite the heaps of traces of swaying,
The dandelion resolutely raises its head high,
And the innocent Oriental false hawksbeard pushes up the flower water.

At the playground, the sound of children playing jumps up like a skylark,
After the Trigonotis peduncularis, dandelions wilt, the wild rose will bloom,
Followed by the flowering of beach morning glory and rugosa rose.

매향리의 봄


꽃 걸음 걷고 싶은 날 매향리 간다

녹슨 세월 진술처럼 쟁여둔 곳
오랜 시름 아랑곳 않고
수굿하게 바라보아야 하는 풀꽃
지천으로 피었다

바야흐로 봄이다 봄

굶주린 새떼처럼 맹목으로 날아오던 포탄아래
잊지 말라고, 잊지 말자고
즐비하게 꽃차례 올리는 꽃마리

부대낌의 흔적 무더기무더기 쌓여있어도
민들레 결연히 꽃대궁 올리고
예사롭지 않은 뽀리뱅이 꽃물 밀어 올리느라 한창이다

운동장에선 아이들 뛰노는 소리 종달새처럼 날아오르고
꽃마리 민들레 지고 나면, 찔레꽃 피고
잇따라 갯메꽃 해당화 피겠다