Poems by Ljubica Katić

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Biography: Ljubica Katić was born in Nikšić, Montenegro. She has been writing children’s, later love, social, spiritual and haiku poetry since early childhood. Many of her poems have been translated into several foreign languages and featured in collective collections around the world.  He is the winner of numerous awards and recognitions, both in the country and abroad. She is a member of several literary associations.
She has published two books of love poetry, the bilingual Croatian-English edition “Imzmedju bol i ljubavi” and Tebi a sebi”
Her third collection, as well as her first collection of children’s poetry, is being prepared. She lives and creates in Split-Croatia.


From just one atom, man grows;
From one atom, a bee, a leaf, and a flower are formed;
Little by little, the World is created.

Why do we poison a child in our womb;
Why do they constantly threaten us with chemical weapons;
Why are weapons in factories forged,
Why do fewer and fewer birds chirp?

Why is the leaf no longer green,
Nor are the same the hind and the deer.
There are fewer and fewer wasps and bees,
Nature is unhappy…
No butterflies, no birds, no water clear and clean,
Everything slowly disappears as if life’s ending.

How to explain to children,
Who are stepping into the future,
What animals, plants, and grass used to look like.
Every day, more and more, they die.

We cut the branches we sit on,
We are not worth this Planet,
Sick minds have polluted the earth,
So that nothing more is produced.
To them, poison is sweeter than nectar.

So let’s raise our voices and save
At least one part of the Planet,
For they also threaten to destroy,
Even this little remainder,
For the future, for each subsequent child…

Author: Ljubica Katic Split


Od samo jednog atoma izraste čovjek ,
od jednog atoma nastane pčela, list  cvijet,
malo  po malo  skupi se Svijet.

Zašto već u utrobi našoj  trujemo dijete,
zašto nam stalno hemijskim oružjem prijete,
zašto se oružje u fabrikama kuje, 
zašto se sve manje cvrkut ptica čuje.

Zašto list više isto nije  zelen,
niti su više  isti košuta i jelen, sve je manje osa i pčela, priroda je nevesela…
ni leptiri ni ptice  ni vode bistre, čiste,
sve polako nestaje, kao da zivot prestaje..

Kako objasniti djeci koja u budućnost koračaju
kako su izgledale nekada, životinje, biljke, trava, svakog dana sve više iščezava..

Siječemo grane na kojima sjedimo,
ovom Planetu ne vrijedimo,
zemlju su  zagadili bolesni umovi , da ništa više ne radja, jer im je  otrov od nektara sladja..

Za to podignimo glas i čuvajmo makar jedan dio Planete, jer i ovo malo uništiti nam prijete, za budućnost
za svako naredno dijete ..

Autor: Ljubica Katic Split -Hrvatska