Poems by Jernail S Aanand

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού


The greatest Mother of us all is The earth
Let us love her.

There would be no world without Mothers.

The mother lives in the family and needs a home.

Better we stop short of destroying the family
And deserting the home.

We are drifting from essential values of life.

TO BE is important. But our BECOMING depends on the Mother.

RED CARPET VIPs. Jernail S Aanand

We do not get anything
Pleasure or pain
Unless we have worked for it.
But we men are too confused
Praise ourselves for our good luck
And criticise gods for our sufferings.

One has to see if some good
Has come your way,
Is it what we had worked for?
If it is in excess of our efforts
Think of refunding it
To remain even with gods.

They should not get wind of your greed,
Or you know.
Once you are written down as one
It cannot then be undone.
Gods are sticky in their views
And don’t leave off men easily.

Undeserved pain does not do
So much harm to man,
As underserved wealth and prosperity do
Which destroy not only him
But his progeny too
I see millions lost in this game.

If you think you have enough
The best way is not to multiply it
Life beyond limits
And wealth beyond you can carry
Are undesirable burdens
Which break your shoulders.

How suffering comes into life?
I see men extending it a red carpet welcome.
It never comes uninvited.
And once in,
It won’t leave unless gods are
Convinced your madness has been cured.