Poems by James Tian

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Depth Charge By James Tian

You’re afraid of the dictator’s strength,
Ok I respect your weakness.
Giving up resistance,
Due to issues of interest.
Then responding only,
When pay the price of your life,
It’s forever repeated in human history.

You can say this isn’t a shame,
And you can call it ‘Maturity’.
The hungry beast is gradually crawling,
Out of its cage !
And you’re still sitting on the balance,
Admiring the perfect Safety.

You’re worrying that dictators,
Will revenge you soon,
And even admire and envy,
How powerful they can be.
Ok I support your Cheese.

You can say this isn’t the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’,
It’s a representative of wisdom,
It doesn’t matter,
A sense of Indulgence is rising gradually !
And what we’re losing now,
Perhaps a useless peaceful ‘Dream’.

Compromise is sometimes a trap,
And Harmony under selfishness is a depth charge,
The more you want to avoid the situations happening,
While you’re hesitating precisely,
The faults have occurred already !

Time is still flying,
Madness is still going on,
We cannot just keep ourselves at home,
Get the source of the lesion,
Take immediate measures to “Treat” it.
God will be with you on the same path,
And then you’ll really be saved.

The Vertical Angle of Pain By / James Tian

Sunshine in the wind,
With the squareness !
Feeling can go wrong in different areas,
To make the coldness,
Becoming an expression of pain noticeably.

Life has its own way,
Creature can adjust to the rhythm,
But by no means,
To hold the creative key.

Tears linger in the eye sockets,
Clearly precipitated with helplessness.
But outflow is better than hiding,
And then to make crude difficulties.

Loneliness without itself,
Words are redundant like a pate.
Sometimes things that don’t hurt your heart enough,
But enough to make your heart feel lost always.

Earth Stars By James Tian

A star shining in the sky,
A star hiding in the sea.
There’re no laws,
All the stars can get flutter from time,
Bright hope in heaven and earth,
Such a scene like ivory.

The wind as the wings of freedom,
The cloud as the harbor is melody.
Tiny can also serve as a force,
The ordinariness is a kind of wandering courage.

Although time has moved towards dusk,
Although the night has burned out its remaining warmth,
Despite the dust and despair,
Are still sighing in the cases.

Heart and love are the Sonata of the stars,
The pursuit of infinite light in the earth,
It’ll be rooted.
Please hand in hand,
My unfamiliar friends,
Only the mutual trust,
Spreading to directions of the true spirit.