Poems by Hong Ngoc Chau from Vietnam

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Mother’s Love Rose

Rose is as beautiful as a mother’s love
Freshen up the colors of mother’s love
The flowers scent is ecstatic on breaths
It spreads immeasurably to any breaths

Mimosa flowers are not more beautiful than mother
In the garden mom thoughtfully looks at the flowers
It looks like a mother’s love for her children
She still gives love as ever to her children

The Yellow Daisies are like to look radiant forever
Why is a mother’s love to shine for a lot of years?
The warm life in mother’s arms all the same
As if the mother is wishing her children fame

A hundred colors of flowers aren’t as good as mom’s eyes
The mother is in sadness, she hides it all in her heart life
Mother takes care of each child to well studying
Not a single word of complaint when searching

The lily is not more than a mother’s virtue
She keeps three obediences, four virtues
The fragrant names are left for all her children
Mom upholds ancestral examples as a burden

Mom is still steadfast and indomitable
Even if life is rainy and stormy possible
The mom keeps her children so happy
The best mom’s love I etched in reality

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I Told You

Don’t pick sky stars, give me illusions
I am a shining star of all my affection
Gently quiet shine all morning, afternoon
We gave each other our world love soon

Don’t call me a genie of Venus as ever
Because I am so  simple and sincere
I’m a field flower, soak-scented land loved
I send you all my sweet love with all hope

I’m not a cloud, please don’t call the wind
The sky is blue, with clouds wind is playing
Love each other forever through the years
Deep in our souls, we don’t change forever

Oh, My dear! don’t use clichés a little
Luxury, beauty, you build the castle
Because true love from the bright hearts
Caring for together, we wish for an arts

My face is a sky star radiant to hope
As I gave you a lot of words of love
I smile and bring warm my love forever
I promise you,  as I will love you forever.

HNC@All Rights Reserved