Poems by Hassane Yarti

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Moroccan Writer Based in Barcelona, Spain
Member of:
* Union of Arab Writers
* Arab Elite Union for Poetry and Literature
President of:
* Al-Nabras Association for Culture and Arts
Founder of:
* Barcelona Literary Magazine
* Short Stories:
– “Circles of Emptiness” (2024), published by Al-Halabi Publishing House
– “Kufiyya” (2024), published by Al-Sarah for Printing and Publishing
– “Spectres of the Passing” (2024), published by Al-Isra Publishing and Distribution
– “Creative Short Stories” (2013), published by Ansar for Culture
– “Creative Youth” (2012), published by Moroccan Linguists and Creators
* Poetry:
– “Poems Against Atrocity” (2024), an international anthology published by the Moroccan Creators’ University
– “ANTOLOGJI POETIKE -I” (2024), an international anthology published by the Orfeu Magazine in Italy
Forthcoming Works:
* Novel: “On the Griffen’s Back”
* Short Stories:
– “There Is No Place Left”
– “Dreams Come True” (joint publication)
* Poetry: “Yarties”
* Play: “The Madness of Sanity”
Some of his works have been translated into English, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Chines, Albanian, Indian, Bangali and Turkish.

Do you remember?

Do you remember?
When we were young
One day I sat alone and made a decision
I came out of the silence of hearts
I wrote on all paths
“I love you,” and I said it aloud

Do you remember?
How were we?
And where were we?
How many times have I visited you
and repeated it over and over?

Do you remember?
The beginning…
And the eagerness of a newborn child
The breeze of the dear café,
The mail letters
And our bewildered spirits?

Do you remember?
Our beautiful love,
The large book of passion
And our drunken eyes?

Do you remember the mornings,
The passing of noon,
The afternoon meetings,
and how we never drew the curtain over our windows?

Do you remember?
That years have passed
And I still chant loyalty as my motto?
Do not forget,
And be with me
So, I can be for you
A green branch that refuses to turn yellow.

©® Hassane Yarti


I thought the dream had evaporated
I spent my life in sadness
And I am more worthy of joy.

I thought that love stumbled at my feet
It stormed me, my friend
And I was certain,
It was just late

So, it is love
Who restores what is broken inside us?
Bends over laughing
Lending a hand to this damaged

To realize, my friend
That when you love,
Even time… yes, even time!
                          …it changes.

©® Hassane Yarti

Forgotten tunes

In a moonless night
I stealthily moved
My sharp pen in hand
Weeping a white tale.

My letters slice through the darkness
Yearning for the melody of forgotten tunes
That dwell in the soul.

I wander the streets of the square,
Where are those whom…
I fought with my silent words?

Poets have departed
And pens that have faded with time
My letters sway like autumn leaves
Seeking a lost trace
Among the folds of a fading time.

I am like a lost poet
I chase shadows behind the veil of oblivion
To find trembling letters like tree branches
Searching for a vague hope,

In the epic of loss,
To the tune of words,
I see a shroud enveloping the place
And to the sound of the symphony of silence
The hymns have died.

©® Hassane Yarti