Poems by Francesco Favetta

The poet Francesco Favetta was born in Sicily in Sciacca, he has always loved poetry, writing verses, but above all culture, food for the soul: culture is Freedom, it is Free Spirit, it is Soul in Movement, not it should never be harnessed!
In 2018 he was awarded by the Accademia di Sicilia, Academician of Sicily.
He has been published in various anthologies and in various magazines, among which, we mention a few:
international magazine The Poet;
Revista Azahar who edited the first Sylloge of Poems in Spanish: Encantamiento y Palabras como Plumas;
Anthology The Silk Road Anthology: Nano Poems for Africa; “Poetic Galaxy Atunis”;
WorldSmith International Editorial; OPA The Poetry Journal; Inumbrable magazine; Magazine Polis; rank of minister in the Order of the Titan and publication of a lyric in Octobermania;
international literary magazine Kavya Kishor in Bangladesh;
international journal of language, literature and culture “Petrushka Nastamba” Serbia; international magazine, Namaste India and Certificate of Appreciation;
Different Truths social journalism platform;
Cisne Magazine Digital;
Humanity St. Petersburg magazine; fourth Panorama International Literature Festival Spain, delegate for Italy.
He founded a theater company in Sciacca: “Theatrum Socialis Sciacca”, and a Lions Club, the “Sciacca Terme”.
Finally, the poet Francesco Favetta is convinced that poetry will be the weapon with which humanity will make their lives free, and furthermore beauty will always be a truth that will never be buried:
from the times and events of daily human Francesco Favetta Sicily (Sciacca) Italy.


whisper of love
silent rustle
in the cradles you love
in the silence of the nights.
and love songs
those light hands
and the caresses on the faces
of children born in pain.
they are ointments
those words of yours
whisper in the night
to the chant of the lullaby.
Still your breath
on the skin and lips
pink mom in heart
your every smile
it is a wonderful flower.

©Copyright Francesco Favetta.

These words like swords

The words remain silent
but soon the truth will be Light
with strength and courage
the universal verb
it will thunder in the cities of the world
in the voices he will find the way
the freedom of human thought.
These words will be the swords
will be the different realities
the history and the future
everlasting clothes
worn by warriors
fearless men
archers of life and time.


they are in us
and we are
same blood
equal loves
thorns and pains
joys and songs
we are family.
Distances never desired
roots intertwined in the heart
and still love
in our eyes
our dreams and flowers
to live together.

Is love tears and violence!

It is love that then
sleeps in mud and pain
forcefully torn from the earth
afraid of human violence
hidden beyond borders
silent desert in the world
dies in the silence of the truth.
Is love tears and violence
wear elegant dress
it shows kind on the face
dirty inside of feelings
poisoned by rabies
and eyes blinded by evil
that kills the beloved beauty.
It is sleepless and wounded love
ready to become a legend
in the mouth or in the blood
love watches over mothers
women and wives in wars
the souls who fell victim to the song
once the beloved cup married.

Sing again man!

Sing man, sings life
hears the days
and to the deeds of the heart
don’t let yourself die
inside this envelope
in this endless night.
Still a man
dance and laugh
jump on the edge of the imagination
tell your dream
never be afraid
to show your eyes
your reasons
every feeling inside you.
Man of reason
wind man
man of silence
your courage still screams
give your strength to the stars
in the night of the world
drowns without hesitation
all pain and fate
chained to the events of life.


Like bread
it’s you heart
warm with love
full of joy
memory of a dream
breath of a man
it always pulsates
suffers pains.
My heart
good morning heart
heart so big
friend of the world
without borders
humble and so strong.
Inside this
immense sea
you always fight
warrior you are
rest on memories
everlasting is your blood
love buds from your eyes
truth from the days
they flow silently
in your thoughts
in born poems.


of love
in this world
of hugs
of kisses
and many caresses.
one more smile
of a tear of joy
of dreams for everyone
and happiness to every heart.
that life
extinguished by violence
free from any inferred reason
be a long breath of love
that the sky
no longer gray
and the stars shine
for all the people.
of peace
in this crazy time
where love is humbled
from muscles
from anger and pain.
that the words
are true
no more lies
and that reality
of us humans
is a poem to love
and the wind that stirs
the reasons for the pain
be it finally
a drowned tear
in the sea of life
like a light feather
no more fears
torn truths
in the eyes of children
and to the victims of this
useless paradise.

The power of poetry

Vibrate in the chest
scream in blood
the verses are the words
it’s the breaths sometimes
other times instead
they are sharp knives
it is poetry
the true power of poetry
storm inside the blood.
It’s not a game
it is never an empty story
she is always the poem
the words of the soul
the face of human life
love next to thorns
the wind whistling in the sky
daughter of the heart.

Come again Faith!

I would like wings to fly
to reach
the end of the universe
overcome the dark
and eternal understanding
buried inside my heart
break the invisible barriers
and so then land
in the world of love.
Come again Faith
inside this flesh
like a sharp blade
this human shell
and make me a man
that I can understand
the meaning of life.

The sun in the eyes

There is love in every flower
in the caresses of a mother
in the sighs of a woman
there is love laughing in the heart
and still there is the sun in the eyes
and the silent breath in thoughts.
There is a party in the memories
dressed in songs and poems
it smells of love and beauty
rare rose reserved for life
there is a small world in dreams
and often cries out the need for love.