Poems by Emina Đelilović-Kevrić

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Emina Đelilović-Kevrić ( born December 12, 1989 in Travnik) is currently living in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. After studying  the B/C/S language and literature at the Philoshopical Faculty in Zenica she got her master’s degree on the subject „Memory construction in the South Slavic interlinear community: typical models of the war camp experience in literature“.  She is the author of the poetry collection „ This time without history“ ( Dobra knjiga,2016) and the short stories collection „ Erased lives“ ( Dobra knjiga,2021).  Her collection of poems „ My son and I“  is awarded by the  Publishing Foundation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2021.

Emina Đelilović-Kevrić is the teacher of the B/C/S language and literature, and a certified trainer of the mental arithmetic. Her main preoccupaion is writing. In 2022 she won the second place in the international literature competition „ Isnam Taljić“. She is the winner of the second award for the best short story of the regional literature competition „Zija Dizdarević“  2022, and she won the first place on international literature competition „Nastavi priču“. She also won many awards for her collections of poetry and stories before 2022.

The rain man

The rain man has a deep timepiece
In a kitchen my mother chops chinken heads calmly
I heat the water to the boiling point
In which we will pluck feathers
I will say loves me, loves me not as I pluck them
As I think about the rain man
Through the window left ajar comes the scent of fresh death
The rain man endlessly repeats
the rain is home
the rain is home
the rain is home
Ready to jump in a frozen sea
Somewhere in fantasy we  meet
I wish to tell him I love him.

Notes about fear

Heads firm like buds
Painless to the touch
Are rolling down the night pavements
Saying not to go North , to go nowhere
That  blood of hers shall cry without stopping
That she will give birth to bastards and ruin the holy home
That her father shall imagine all of those who
Impregnated her being with their rain
If  the pleasure starts to blossom instead of fear

At  night he goes out furtively and watches the rain
It falls, falls, falls endlessly
Secret husband north has a face of rain.

The shine of a father in a rain

I wish to believe there are fathers
Innocent fahters with golden smiles
Streched out between two shores
They don’t hear secrets
They love to be splashed by live rains
Father stands next to a garden and enjoys the smell
This will be good for the plants, says father
The plants are watching him in wonder
The plants are watching him with a craving
The plants are wondering if it would ever be realized to the end
The fact that father loves everything fragile
Voiceless, shapeless, gender
And full of awe
Father leaves on raindrops
The shores are covered by the fog
The fog says that rains who penetrate its membrane
Fall despite the belief
The plants are drowning
Mother never knew the shine of a father in a rain