Poems by Dr. Tamali Neogi

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Bionote: Dr. Tamali Neogi is Assistant Professor of English, Gushkara College (Affiliated to the University of Burdwan), West Bengal, India. A Gold Medallist alumni of the University of Burdwan, she has authored Woman of Patashpur and presented/published  more than a dozen research papers/reviews during her eventful teaching career spanning over eighteen years. Mailid:[email protected]


I was left alone
speaking to the walls

The ceiling comforted me

The four walls
were my four lovers
who loved me in confinement

Dialouges with you..
those long Summer

Teenager’s passion was
calmed for the day

Disharmony and deceit
an unjust battle

Who knows?
The destiny was wrought long ago

But my good friends alas!!.

An Eulogy

Wavy hair,  white sandalwood paste, deconditioned in a perfervid state 

In underbelly there’s hunger

Day and night rushing to the shrine
The “mantras” and the pen, the treaty can’t go in vain

“The knowledge of the peepal tree to taste the elixir” says the Divine

Besmeared with vermilion, inactive stands he, the grand structure at the yard

The half-naked comes later. Lo! She kills lice

Dried skin, dried eyes, torn off breasts

Am the feminine of your age

The lame shadows, traumatised

Big gouges in the bellies, “shashtras” and leaves, blood thickens

The apparition enters the temple, spineless backs, huge school bags, adult diapers, blood clots

Waiting in the queue, our saviours

Who’s There

Envious of her white beauty, the moon spits

The poet, the lady of noble birth, the Queen, “The tomb honours whom?”

Fourteen pregnancies,  the ‘ hazrat’, the Noor of Khas Mahal

Know not this, a fool. The stars grin

The milky way seeks  its  lost vision, the silent sky grotesque in absurd passion

The emeralds, the diamonds, the rubies, the comet sings an  amorous song

Curious, the mother earth cracked badly; forget not my daughter’s shrieks.  I received her anaemic

Bowels of her stories overturned

Solemn tear, cold hands, dampened face, three beauteous sisters hand in hand

Luxury and lust join the dance

The white death;  the baby bump monstrous, touches the sky

I wake up murmuring, “Wah Taj, Wah”