Poems by Dr. K. K. Mathew

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Dr. K. K. Mathew is a renowned physician, a medical scientist, and a poet of repute from India. He is a reputed philosopher, and noted novelist in Malayalam. He has published many original clinical observations in national medical journals and been quoted in reputed international medical journals. Some of them are the first of their kind in medical science. Dr. Mathew has dedicated the whole of his professional life (46 years) in a rural region of India and served the rural population. He has written and published 58 books, of which 38 are poetry books in English. The International Higher Academic Council of English Literature conferred Dr. Mathew with the global genius award “Living Legend of the 21st Century” in May 2019. The international poetry group in the U.S., ‘The River of Poetry’ awarded Dr. Mathew with the title “The Champion of the World.” Dr. Mathew is one of the prize winners of the prestigious Naji Naaman Literary Prizes for 2021. 


Never he met her, never he knows her well

But a current of passion encircles his heart

With the inquisitiveness for who is she and

What is she, the umbrella of love gives him

Shade of comfort and contentment of loving

Her with his soul, imaginative image of her

Is far more superior to and it is much more

Powerful than seeing her directly, the words

Of her hanging in soul, he holds them tightly,

And swinging, the breeze of gentleness blows

Across his heart and it beats singing the

Melody of love, may be the act of a lunatic,

But he contemplated love, the love of the

Century, for the unknown dew that falls on

His soul continuously, a rare excitement of

Love dripping down rhythmically and musically.

© Dr. K. K. Mathew


The quality being, he is and he will be,

In the long run of life, the quality of

Him or her showered fragrance, their

Identity being maintained, nobody can

Steal it; stands as tower of magnificence

With reference to ability, quality, power,

So much so, the person can glitter with

The great feeling of something new has

Been done among all the others with the

Contentment blooming; never masked

By the deeds of others, never mixed with,

Projection of own personality, marks the

Significance of exposing the quality of one’s

Own integrity and personality, in reality.

© Dr. K. K. Mathew


Yes, why doubt, it’s there, a great reality

When the faith and the hope combines,

It forms the miraculous insight of seeing

And hearing with the open deep senses

Of what is today, what is tomorrow and

What is thereafter; the soul is dissected

Out from body spiritually, it lives in this

World, a great truth, the soul lives also

After the physical separation of the body

From the soul occurring on earth, it is

Set free and it floats and lives in eternity

Only to be sworn by those who have the

Experience of passing through the system

Of purification of mind, with faith in God.

© Dr. K. K. Mathew