Poems by Dr. Deepti Gupta

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Brief Bio: Dr.Deepti Gupta
(Former Professor)
Established writer, Author of many  Poetry and Fiction  books and awarded for socially relevant stories and poems. exploring and reviving  lost, lofty  culture and  values

Bonding with heart

Between two passionate persons
never comes to an end
No storm, no squall can ever uproot them
Neither harsh feelings can ever swallow them
Nor the gush of anger Can ever wipe them away
Can ever eliminate them up
they have been interwoven
Strand by strand  for years  with smiles & tears
Pure heart  bondings  grow up
strongly in the cradle of joy & grief
They are close knitted
With the invisible dainty emotional fibrils
When there is something Offensive between
Two  Such intensely close  persons
they refrain from  talking to each other
In those moments their Silence speaks
Silent bonding is always deep and divine
It is so sublime that  two persons don’t need
mundane words to transmit
their feelings to each other
Every throb of their heart
conveys those subtle feelings
miles away swiftly on their own
When between them
Silence begins to communicate
This means, they have developed
a soul bonding And bonding with soul is
over ‘n above everything
And for ever….!!!

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There  is  an  ocean  of   fear , insecurity    and   loneliness rolling   inside  me……..!!
But, I  keep  a   smooth  surface ; a  calm   &   cool    facade ! You feel  all is  unruffled with me…….!!                                                      You see  only  my   composed  and   organized upper surface ; that   I  create   to   conceal  my   fears,  my  insecurity, my  helplessness………!!      
The   roots  of  my  uprootedness
are  in  my  vulnerable  existence…, I   am   alone  &  vulnerable. That’s   why, uprootedness  got  soaked   so   deep  in me, beneath my sunny     smile
anguish &  pain  settled & piled !
That  agony  and  pain  often  got
released     through     my     pen ;
I  always  remained  alert, not  to
let     it    reflect    in    my    eyes
and         on           my          face;
So  often, I   laughed   frantically
often     I      talked     frenzically,
You  took  my  uneasiness, easy !
You   never  tried    to   penetrate
through  my  complacent  surface
At   times    a      healthy     body 
conceals    dangerous     ailments
chronic    diseases …………….  !
They   are  detected,  only   when
they         become         malignant
and   their   traces   start  floating
apparently     on       the       body ;
But, it   would    not    happen   in
my     case,   ’cause      the    more
intense   the    pain   and     agony
the    more     sweeter    &    softer
the   smile,  and    more    heartier
the            laughter………………….!
So,   nobody     can     detect    the
real   me,  unless  genuine  efforts
are    put    to   search    the   inner
surface ,  hidden    deep    in   me!
Then   a   volcano  of   suppressed
anguish  and   pain  will  burst  up,
a    storm    will    break   through!
That   will   be    a   real   disaster!
So, it    is     wise    not   to   touch
such          disastrous         things;
Let  them  stay   in  their  solitudes
Let      them      remain    cool….!!!

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I often wonder, how  you  are  able to   wear    many   faces

Carry   each  of  them  so  craftil
that  no  one   can   know  your  realself,
How   easily  you    befool   others
and   enjoy   your   art  of   pretence !
Why  can’t  I  wear  different  faces
like  you , once  I   tried   and  that
mask  started  suffocating    me
I     felt    traumatized
I  felt   sick , I  became unhealthy
I  cursed  myself  a  thousand  times
for   trying   to  wear  a  strange  face
that    didn’t   belong   to  me  
which   was  just  opposite  to  me
and   made  me  uneasy  just  for  nothing,
My  this  failure  to wear  a  face
other   than  me, made  me  more
curious    to    know,  how    you  
remain   so  cool  and organised
behind     an   unreal   face ….
so    composed ,   complacent
and      unruffled ……….!
At  times, I  suspect   your   unreal
face    to    be    your    real    face
But, I  know   the   real   ‘ you ‘
so   after  a   short  lived    messy 
vision   of  mine, I’m   able  to  see
the    ‘real   you ‘ …….!
My  eyes  are   capable  of  tearing                                                                     your  mask  and  reaching  the  real you
You    wear   so  many  faces  so  much
that  your   real  face  is  lost- goes  away
from   you    for  days  ,  for  long………..!
Don’t  you  feel  sick,  suffocated & uneasy?
But  your  artfulness, your  this stratagem
make  me  sick ,  suffocated   &  uneasy !
I    start   hating   you ……… and
you  superficial ,  crafty  ways
that   have   snatched  your  realself
your    genuine self   from    you ….!
Still   I’m    unable   to   understand
why   you   play   this   dirty   trick
   what  pleasure  you  get  out  of  i  The   other  side  of    pleasure    is
” pain “-
I   never   thought  of   it
because  of   your   composed  and
cool   exterior………..!!
You   are, no  doubt ,  so  complex
that   it  is   really  hard  to  decide
which   is  your   realself  !
But,  still   I   am     confident
that   I  know   the   Real  You  !
At   least,  you  can’t  befool 
you  can’t   spell  my  eyes, my  vision,
Your   incantation   can’t  dupe  me !
  as , I    breathe     in   reality ,  so
  I   strongly   catch   the   reality
  without     strain      and    strife !!!