Poems by David Haotian Dai

Ποιήματα του Ποιητή και Φιλόσοφου David Haotian Dai from USA – David Haotian Dai Poet/Lyricist The Cry of Wisdom https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003RCJS24

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

David Haotian Dai and His Selected Poems Poetry has the softness To calm a broken heart To heal an injured soul And cut a sharp sword -David H.Dai

David Haotian Dai is a well known bilingual philosophical poet. He created poems in English and in Chinese upon inspiration. He is gifted with philosophical thoughts and poems. His philosophical poems— “Love Talks Louder than Money”
won a merit award in international poetry contest; his poem—“Smiles are the Best Cosmetics was included in the “Sound of Poetry”CD narrated by an American radio announcer. And his philosophical poetry book—“The Cry of Wisdom” was published by Amazon Digital Publishing Company. https://www.amazon.com/Haotian-Dai/e/B01MZ4B0GY/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0. Some of his poems were set to music to sing and translated in Spanish , Russian, French, Bengali, Arabic etc.and published globally.
He regards poetry and arts as” Weapons of Mass Construction” to enlighten people to embrace peace, love and Dream so as to make the world a better place to live, which reflect in his poems.

David Haotian Dai was born in China and now resides in USA. He holds BA degree in English language and literature and earned an MBA degree. Currently, he is President of Peace, Love and Dream Art Foundation.

The following are some of his poems: 

Peace, Love and Dream by David Haotian Dai
Peace makes the earth green Love warms human blood Dream paints the sky blue
Peace is the root of love
Love is the flower of peace
And Dream is the fruit of peace and love

Because of love
By David Haotian. Dai
Because of love
We have the breath of life
Because of love
Our families then become a harbor
Because of love
Our hearts are not so hard any more
Because of love
Money is no longer our master
Because of love
Church is not merely a cold building
Because of love
The cry of abandoned orphans tears people’s hearts Because of love
The fires of war then become beautiful fireworks Because of love
The wandering souls then find their destiny
Because of God’s love
We have the expectation of eternal life

Love Prevails over Hate
By David Haotian Dai
Freezing wind of hate
Gusts out from cold blood.
And hatred breeds from frozen hearts. People like angry animals
Fight against each other
A voice from Heaven echoes My lost sheep,
Come back to me
You will have love and peace

Oh! the love from God
Like sunshine in the winter
Lights up the darkness of peoples’ hearts And dissolves the ice of selfishness. People return to he Kingdom of God Filled with peace and joy
And Love each other
Just like brothers and sisters
Oh! the power of love
So intense as burning fire
Melts the iceberg of hate.
And light up the kindness in our hearts

Peace of Mind
By David Haotian Dai
Peace of mind
Like the serene blue sky
Covers the hurry and scurry world Peace of mind
Like a patch of green grass
Holds birds and kids together
Peace of mind
Like a cup of cooling water
Puts out the fire of people’s heart
Peace of mind
Like a white angel
Values wisdom rather than weapons
Peace of mind
Like a mercy dove
Weeps for the suffering of people from war
Peace of mind
brings peace to the world

Some Maxims by David Haotian Dai

When the power of love surpasses the energy of selfishness, peace will reveal itself to the world.

Human world are advanced by creativity, order and kindness, not by force.

Life owes you nothing, but you can own life.
A beautiful idea is more beautiful than beauty.

There are too many artists to entertain the world,
But too few artists to inspire the world.

Humanity is —you treat everyone, regardless of race, color or nationality with kindness and dignity as your brothers and sisters.