Poems by Dang Tuong Vy from Vietnam

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Poet Dang Tuong Vy from Vietnam
Real name: Dang Thi Lua
Born: 1976
Origin: Saigon
Settle in France in 2017
Member of Writers’ Association – Ho Chi Minh City
Email: [email protected]
Occupation: Specialist in cosmetology in France

Published poetry books:
• Late night dew (Dong Nai Publishing House – 2015)
• Faded autumn leaves (Culture – Arts and Letters Publishing House – 2016)
• Wave of love (Writers’ Association Publishing House – 2017)
• Undercurrent  (Writers Association Publishing House – 2017)
• Delirious smoke ( Writers’ Association Publishing House – 2018)
• Floating time (Nhan Anh Publishing House – 2018, printed in the US)
• Youth is away (Nhan Anh Publishing House – 2020, printed in the US)
• Woman typesetting (Writers Association’ Publishing House – 2021)
. Dang Tuong Vy’s Love Poems (Writers Association’ Publishing House – 2023)

Her poems:

Give me a hug
Outside, the wind passed the branches teasing me
Put you in the night raindrop
Blowing wind broke the candle, I demand compensation

A yoke of love, I sell in the fair
Three cent for a bunch of halfway love
Love me for knitting ardent sleep
Split the white night, my heart is broken

Can you give me a hug?
Tomorrow morning, I will measure the market of life
Dear, don’t laugh yet
Just because the night is cold, I invite the sun to come

Somewhere the fire is burning
Paris is cold and the yard is filled with snow
A thousand times sorry to the flesh
Heaven is still there, I hesitate to visit

Give me a hug then leave
God forgives us when we are mortal
It’s strange dear, the blood is bleeding
The flesh and bones are far away, the soul is almost an inch away.

03/23/21 Dang Tuong Vy

If you knew me sooner?
I would not have friends with rain and sun
I would not let my soul away to find each word that ends up in a poem
I would not worried about coming home at night and listening to the wind breathe

If you knew me sooner?
My hands would not wrinkled with years of hard work
My hair would not have many gray hairs because of longing
Feet would not have  many calluses due to long walks
Materialistic needs would not  make me go back and forth

If you knew me sooner?
When the festival or spring comes, I would not lie in the blanket wishing for the fire of love to light up
Sad poem would be forever silent
I would be me, not a poet, selling my feelings and even my youth

If you knew me sooner?
The spring smile on my lips would bloom
Stormy sky, you would handle it and shelter me
It’s nothing a long-distance girl find a glass of wine to warm her lonely life
With you here I am no longer cold
Happiness is full, happiness is poetry

I smile, can you believe it?
How many times is your wife happy? Or give her husband all of her wish?
Because for me love is an illusion, a teardrop, a glittery dewdrop
The promise you made when the sun rise and the dew disappear
I’m sad with glittering tears.

03/07/2022 Dang Tuong Vy

The woman sitting stitching the wound that does not stop bleeding
Which grain of salt just rubbed the heart?
The nose only passes, the sadness is twisted, whose eyes are filled with tears

The staggering woman who unveiled the void
Draw thorns to write small letters
I am a grain of sand
Love is an injustice string
The heart is less painful, the blood is condensed
Scars will be imprinted

The woman doesn’t know where she’s going?
Pouring the fragrance of love turns into a drop of sorrow
Raise a glass to drink, cold flows around the nape of the neck
The crescent moon deepens the eye bags
After crossing the river, why decant muddy parts?

Holding a cup of cold tea, the smoke of the heart radiates
The sound of birds chirping in the afternoon makes me happy
Compassionate spoons wedge the old river, walking feet shake the melted mud
Marinated sweet potatoes buries the past
Light up the fire, the corn is ripe… crisp and crackling.

November 1, 2022 Dang Tuong Vy

Sometimes I want to hug randomly someone so that the river of life stops flowing
Let the sad branches be less salinized by the drifting season
Lonely river because of love with no end

Lonely in love, lonely in myself
Throw the net of love that covers the river
Suddenly got a silver shrimp

Sometimes I want to hold someone’s hand, to see that my heart is still warm, this love is still green
Leaning on someone’s shoulder to divide the river of sad life
Looking for, always looking for

The river of life never stops flowing
Loneliness is full of silt
The boat accidentally or intentionally, leaving the riverbed purple with anticipation?

24/01/2021 Dang Tuong Vy

Are you tired yet? Are you tired?
If you are tired, take a break
It’s not easy dear, the wind is blowing outside
Ignore it, don’t try anymore
Let go of the burden, your shoulder will be lighter!

Take a break, lean back a bit
Don’t be brave to walk the long way
A little bit of woman
A little bit of pride
Hands holding you through the alley

Ignore it, tomorrow is still there
Line your eyebrows to welcome spring on the street
Flying skirt cause youth to be fragrant
Sleeping on the shoulder of the rain and wind

Take a break, don’t be strong
Being a woman is a spring swallow
Walk away, let go of the burden halfway
The woman has never known love.

09/03/2022 Dang Tuong Vy