Poem by Le Hong Thien from Vietnam

Translated to English by HFT

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Bio: He was born in 1943
Xich Dang Quarter, Lam Son Ward, Hung Yen City,
Member of Vietnam Writers’ Association,
Member of Hai Hung Literature and Arts Association
Many domestic awards and medals
He is one of the famous poets writing for children. He has published 12 books of poetry for children; A collection of poetry for adults and a collection of essays – memoirs

Autumn fruits

Walking to the garden to see autumn fruits
Ripe persimmons look alike the sun
Diospyros decandras are fragrant fruits to invite
The custard apples open its eyes to smile
Each fruit has its own beauty
Having fun with the wind to sway on the branches
Mid-Autumn Festival, it is clear and bright
The moon fruit also ripens contributing into a common gift.