Natalie Bisso: “I really love literature, especially poetry…”

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NATALIE BISSO is a poet, novelist, essayist and songwriter. Author of 10 original and more than 120 international collections in 36 languages of the world. Honorary figure of world literature and art. Academician MARLEY; MARS; MANI; advisor of Chinese literature (Hubei), member of the jury of international competitions; Member of the UHE, president of the “Thousand Minds of Mexico” in Germany; head of the German branch of SPSA, Founder of ILA „CT“, the title of “Golden Pen”, the title of MAESTRO.

Please share your thoughts about the   future of literature. When u start writing? Hello, dear Editors, dear readers! I am glad to meet you and I will answer all your questions with great pleasure. For me, meeting new readers is always very joyful and exciting, especially if I talk to such a famous person as the world-famous children’s writer EVA Petropoulou Lianou. It’s a pleasure to talk to her. And I will tell you about myself with pleasure. First, to get acquainted, I will briefly tell you about myself and my work. I started consciously writing and publishing my poems in 2008, and in general, even at school, when making wall newspapers, I always wrote short congratulatory or satirical poems, but I didn’t take them seriously. But when I began to write meaningfully and put it on the table – it lasted a couple of years, and only then, since 2008, I somehow published my first poems on the Internet and readers liked them. Since then I have been writing and publishing. I take part in festivals, competitions, receive awards. I publish my author’s books, take part in international anthologies. And so my creative path goes forward.

I really love literature, especially poetry. And the future of literature and poetry seems to me to be a very strong, stable foundation for the further development of literature and the entire culture of mankind. The unshakable foundations of classical literature greatly influence the spiritual growth of any person. And I believe in it very much.

The Good and the Bad. Who is winning in nowadays? Oh, that’s a good philosophical question. And since I love philosophy very much and am, by nature, a philosopher, I can talk about these topics endlessly. If we talk about the good and the bad in our life, and which of them is stronger, then I’m just sure that the good always wins. And he will always win! I don’t just intuitively believe in it, but I am sure, without any doubt. Different nations have their own wisdom, of proverbs and sayings, which the peoples have verified for centuries. I will also quote such a proverb.

“How much rope does not curl, and the end will be”

It is applicable to different cases and meaning, but in this case I mean, no matter how long something bad, unkind lasts, it will end anyway. And the good will win. And since I am an incorrigible optimist, I believe in goodness and all good things, and no one and nothing will convince me.

How many books have you written? And where can we find your books? I have written and already published 10 author’s books. Some of them were sold in German stores, distributed by order and pre-payment, eventually they sold out. But for myself, I left a certain number of books from each edition to give them to libraries or at meetings with my readers. One of the most recently published books is on the book website. I didn’t use services like book sites before, I resisted it for a long time. But time is passing fast and technology and modern life have long required a different approach to the implementation of books. Therefore, I made an attempt to switch to new resources for the distribution and implementation of literature. There is an idea to republish all previously published books, with their placement on book sites. We need to keep up with the times and I will try to do it.

The book. E book or Hardcover book. What will be the future? Personally, I like books on paper more. But as I mentioned earlier, time and technological progress are moving forward rapidly, young people are already used to mobile phones, computers and other electronic gadgets. They download e-books and read them anywhere when time allows them. On the other hand, it is with great pleasure that I watch how students sit for hours in university libraries for books on paper, treat them carefully, how readers crowd into bookstores, choosing books to their liking or for gifts to their loved ones, children, friends. So books are still valued precisely those that you can pick up, give away or look through yourself.  It seems to me that e-books, of course, have already entered our lives and are an integral part of it, but books on paper will not disappear from our lives. We will always treat them with care and love. I believe in it!

A wish for 2023. A phrase from your book. My wish for 2023 is the same as always. I dream that peace, happiness, prosperity will reign on our Planet, diseases will disappear, so that people will become kinder and more smiling. I have a lot of poems about it. But I will give literally the newest of them.

YEAR 2023: The number twenty-three is shining in the sky. And life smiles at us, look. Year twenty twenty-three (2023) – everything is ahead,

And the thought of happiness stirs the soul.

A beautiful, bright holiday is coming to us,

And he brings bright gifts to everyone,

And our souls suddenly became pure,

And all the worries suddenly become empty.

And cherished dreams come true,

And thoughts reach heights.

And everything you want is in a hurry to your sweet home,

And all the loved ones gathered at the table.

And let this fairy tale of life come,

And let love live in every house,

The year twenty-twenty-three is a year of change,

May everyone be blessed in it!

With these words and kind wishes, I would like to say goodbye to you and thank my dear interlocutor EVA Petropoulou Lianou for interesting questions and our kind friendly conversation. I convey my great greetings to new readers, I hope we will meet again more than once, including on the pages of this magazine. I would like to wish all of us peace, kindness, love, happiness and prosperity, and EVA Petropoulou Lianou I wish you great creative success!

Thank you for your attention.