Muhammad Askar: “Literature is now like a house in which more than one person lives, each of them has his own way”

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Μετάφραση: Taghrid BouMerhi

Biography: Muhammad Askar Graduated from the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels. I work as a director of the rooms sector in a government agency. I studied at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology. Writer, poet – write short stories, poetry, essays and novels. Born in Cairo – Egypt. I was influenced by Cairo and its ancient streets _ and by the Sufi life that sees the soul of a thing and its true beauty in everything such as literature, music and the arts; I love stories and legends, so I write about them; And the end of the novel called between brackets of literature takes a strong development in everything.

Please share your thoughts on the future of literature. Literature is now like a house in which more than one person lives, each of them has his own way. The adults in it are affected by antiquity and sophistication, and they want it to remain as it is without modernity interfering with it. They see that any change or development will make the house lose its originality. Others want that the writings in the modern era must be touched by some. Modernity to suit the changes that are taking place on the ground, so I see that the future of literature takes a strong development in everything.

Good and bad Who wins the present time? Evil did not win at any time, whether present or past. There are always human blocs that bear in their hidden features goodness and humanity always gather with each other and fight evil at any time and at any time.

How many books have you written? The number of books she has written is three novels plus 150 short stories and more than 50 articles. The first novel, Qurban Vitala, is 300 pages long. It reached the short list of the Higher Institute Award for Best Arabic Novel in France, and it was honored by Paris. The second novel, The Descendants of the Greens, is now in print. The third novel I participated in in the Katara Prize, the unpublished novel branch. My books are distributed all over the world. I also participated in a compilation book between a group of authors and more than 150 short stories that were written on newspapers and newspapers the fourth question.

In your opinion, who will keep the e-book or the paper book in the future? The paper book still does not lose its luster in libraries, and the meaning has gone to the future with all its splendor and luster.

My wish in the new year: that the whole world becomes at peace; Prosperity prevails for all; for nations to take care of the culture of their people before arming them, for everyone to finally get everything they wish for.

A phrase from my novel Qurban Vitala (to stop the train of my pen, which first began skipping its stations on the poles of its pages)